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an inlaid furniture decoration


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Jean Boulle Luxury has signed an agreement with AkzoNobel for the production of its aviation grade Sun King Diamond Coating for the private and commercial jet markets, the company said.
Luxembourg-based Jean Boulle Group's Boulle Medtech Ltd medical technology unit's Tendyne Transcatheter Mitral Valve Implant has successfully implanted in the first patient in the United States, the company said on Friday.
Who'd have thought you could win a Bafta for being posh," giggled Chelsea-ite Francis Boulle.
There's only one Made In Chelsea star in the top 20, with Francis Boulle sitting on a fortune of 10.
Julian Boulle, from South Africa, took the crown with the first wingsuit flying world record of 23.
Based on Premise suggested by Laplanete des singes by Pierre Boulle
Star rating: MAN learns a harsh lesson about meddling with Mother Nature in this splendid new chapter in the Planet of the Apes saga, based loosely on the novel by Pierre Boulle.
The site is the brainchild of Francis Boulle, star of reality show Made in Chelsea, and gives the user images of two MPs and asks the question 'Which MP would you rather have sex with?
On their point of adequacy of the standard of care provided to patients in the SAPIT trial, Boulle et al.
Boulle directs the Mandela Institute and teaches law at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.
Prior to June 1995, Jean-Raymond Boulle had been a resident of
William IV period boulle and ebony side cabinet with gilt bronze mounts and pewter inlay, France, circa 1835.
Boulle didn't believe his story was suitable for the screen, and studio executives ridiculed the idea as the stuff of Saturday morning serials.
6A French Boulle mantle clock made from red tortoiseshell with Ormolu edging, and with a gilt dragon on top, was taken in a Warwickshire burglary in March, 2003.