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a visitor of a city boulevard (especially in Paris)

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It wasn't long before the Japs got in on the act, turning trusty Toyota Landcruisers into boulevardiers.
And Remnick uses them all - the guys and dolls, the gamblers and the broads, the boulevardiers and the ever present Mafia.
But even more interesting, the chef usually offers several fresh fish specials for seafood-starved boulevardiers utilizing ono, onaga or other Hawaiian denizens.
And Southern Californians, who aren't supposed to appreciate any urban activity that doesn't involve a mall, are strolling around as if all their lives they wanted nothing more than to be boulevardiers.
What matters is that a robust piece of city has been made that both contributes to the traditional urban pattern while offering new perceptions about the relationships of private business to public activity, of the workplace to the city, of the roles of individuals as office workers to those as boulevardiers.
Recently, though, both man and nature have wrought changes on the Avenue that warrant a fresh look from even veteran boulevardiers.
And the Frogs are suave, garlic-chomping Boulevardiers who will pull your bird faster than you can pull the cork on a bottle of Piat D'or.
It's interesting to note that both ELVIS and BOULEVARD can be spelled out separately from the letters of two words, BOULEVARDIERS and UNDISCOVERABLE.
Can we really believe that the streets that are being progressively reclaimed from the down-and-outs will vibrate with bouncy boulevardiers and frisky flaneurs?
A high ranking here could bring train-loads of panama-hatted boulevardiers seeking out the finest avant garde galleries and experimental theatres, and mean that you can't enter a restaurant without tripping over Michael Winner.
By way of contrast, straight down from Heroes' Square is Andrassy Ut, thronged by international designer showrooms housed in the gracious grey buildings that summon up top-hatted boulevardiers with gardenias in their buttonholes.