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a visitor of a city boulevard (especially in Paris)

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Though he was essentially a Parisian boulevardier, Manet was well acquainted with the life of the sea and indeed spent six months on a training ship sailing between France and South America.
Tons of Teutonic techno, like clever switchable suspension and a gearbox with four different performance settings, means you can go from boulevardier to barbarian in a heartbeat.
The poemsby Tristan Klingsor are about Asia as imagined by an armchair boulevardier and Ravel clothed their hypnotic declamations with some of his most sensual music.
On its color pages, Laurence Fellows and Leslie Saalburg illustrated the boulevardier styles of the time.
In essence, his tale is straightforward enough, taking him from birth in Budapest, through the teenage years with the Nazis and his young manhood with the Communists, to escape in 1956 and life in Canada, his several wives and many odd jobs, all leading to his present position as a genial literary boulevardier sipping wine and chatting wittily at any convenient cafe in his Yorkville neighbourhood in mid-town Toronto about his latest notoriety as the author of Vengeance, the original book on which Steven Spielberg's blockbuster Munich is based.
Perhaps,more than all these things,Gregg was a genial boulevardier, when the arts of song,dance and elegance held sway.
The drink starts as a Manhattan; as the Campari ice melts, it changes into a Boulevardier.
Although hugely accomplished and disarmingly quick, the new 407 isn't a hard charger - it's more of a motorway boulevardier.
George Melly, Liverpool's own boulevardier, recalls being pushed around Sefton Parkin a Silver Cross (or something very similar) to sample the heady delights of the Palm House and feeding the ducks.
Is it not incredibly lazy of Hitchens not to mention in either essay that this beautiful lament was written by Duke Ellington, who ironically was a boulevardier of such urbanity and sophistication that it is unlikely he ever spent a night indoors and alone in his entire life?
Bourbon is hot right now in Pittsburgh, and it finds its way onto Cure's list in cocktails like the classic Boulevardier, a Hot Toddy, and in a Madeira-, cherry- and vanilla-based drink.
Anybody who can afford a high-tab boulevardier like the SL will have the occasional (but regrettable) need to ferry the family.
But it's not just shirts as the company are branching into handbags, women's cuff links, silk dresses, cashmere pieces, cravats and linen wear along with all the businessmen's paraphernalia to keep the dedicated boulevardier looking sharp.
Schaffer points out that once a customer learns to appreciate the attraction of the Negroni and its whisky-based twin, the Boulevardier, they might even be ready to graduate to sipping a single amaro on the rocks.