bottom line

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the last line in an audit

the decisive point

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They may postpone projects and their share prices could suffer, all while they are reducing their bottom lines to spend on compliance.
THE BOTTOM LINE A boy will really feel cool showing off his smarts and skills, as long as you don't slather on the compliments too thick.
While at first glance, based on this definition, the Bottom Line appears to apply only to the business world--I think that with some interpretation and imagination, the correlation to Air Force Financial Management is not hard to see.
Survey questions were also designed to stimulate an appreciation for the significant competitive advantage and bottom line benefits that derive from proactive, precision maintenance and reliability practices.
This helps answer questions about the projected bottom line impact of various pricing and promotion alternatives, allowing managers to quickly make the most informed decision about the proper pricing strategy to recommend to the CFO.
RIM professionals have a great opportunity to contribute methodology and procedures not just to paper-based systems but also to all information systems and, with the CIO's support and guidance, will contribute to an organization's bottom line in a positive way.
However, the exposure draft faced strong opposition because it would deflate companies' bottom line.
The traditional single bottom line of profit, Elkington says, is not sufficient for businesses to succeed in the 21st century.
This is true when it comes to finding DONs, executive directors, directors of marketing, and corporate executives, but when filling frontline positions--the bottom line when it comes to quality of care and service.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The leading organizations around integrated health-related productivity collaborate to offer HPM Clinic: Moving Health to the Bottom Line, which includes trainings, online instruction and other tools to help organizations maximize the value of healthy and productive workers.
Bottom Line, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit launching in Chicago this month, is the newest addition to A Better Chicago's portfolio.
Along the way, she received some extra help from Bottom Line, a Boston-based nonprofit that opened a Worcester branch during Ms.
Agora was to distribute Bottom Line Personal and Bottom Line Health internationally, as well as to "take their U.
And because most of the conference costs had already been incurred or were nonrefundable, those losses had to come primarily from the bottom line.