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the last line in an audit

the decisive point

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THE BOTTOM LINE Next time you're tempted to chatter about your guy, zip your lips.
Our transformation efforts and execution of our Strategic Plan will help us to achieve the best Bottom Line for the Air Force, but it is our FM professionals--those serving in the FSOs, those on our staffs from the smallest unit to the MAJCOMs to the HAF, those deployed with the AEF--who contribute to a healthy Bottom Line through their hard work and dedication every day.
Demand creation cures the headaches brought on by not having a solution to embrace inherent market changes and make new decisions that preserve and or/add to the bottom line.
They are responsible for the company's bottom line and execute transactions on a national or global scale.
For many of the companies, there would have been a dramatic shift in the bottom line.
Assumption #9: Caregivers Are Not Sophisticated Enough to Help Improve the Bottom Line
When there is a conflict between quality-of-care issues and your bottom line, which one governs?
The evening featured speeches by two Bottom Line students, followed by a keynote speech by UMass Memorial Medical Center President Patrick Muldoon.
Agora was to distribute Bottom Line Personal and Bottom Line Health internationally, as well as to "take their U.
How much of your institution's bottom line is derived from cardiovascular care?
And because most of the conference costs had already been incurred or were nonrefundable, those losses had to come primarily from the bottom line.
Focus on the bottom line at least as much as on the top line: The first commandment is the most important and, in many ways, the most perplexing.
Even more so today; far from the scenario of CEOs rushing to sign off on expensive IT projects, motivated primarily by the terror of being late the party, business chiefs are asking more questions than ever before about the relationship between potential IT projects and their value-add to the bottom line.