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an opportunist who profits from the misfortunes of others

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Because of its bottom feeding design, the B PS can be quickly and easily unloaded into the hand by depressing a button located within the receiver rather than having to cycle each shell through the action as is the case with other modern pumps.
Utah's commercial real estate is sitting this bottom feeding frenzy out.
Whether this investment is seen as the beginning of so-called bottom feeding on undervalued assets by cash-rich countries is hard to tell.
In the open country of creek bottom feeding areas, you can find them nearly every day if the bucks are on the property.
One question it was specifically going to look into was that of bottom feeding fish such as carp, tench and bream which disturb sediments and cause coloration in the water which in turn can lead to a demise of rare aquatic plants.
Grey mullet is termed as a bottom feeding fish -- which means exactly that.
We're like hungry dogs looking for the bone," says Networks president Ken Gentry, who also works on new tuners and classic revivals but makes no apologies for doing more than his share of Broadway bottom feeding.