bottom feeder

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an opportunist who profits from the misfortunes of others

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As night descends, atheists, humanists, and constitutional scholars tend a watch fire of rationality, hold at bay stealthy bottom feeders who, with charm and misdirection, subvert the national tide.
Longford were second tier bottom feeders flirting with extinction when Kenny took charge, but why does he think they put their faith in such a young manager?
Playmaker James Berrett con-firmed the players will be determined to go again when they travel to face bottom feeders Notts County next Saturday.
The 30-year-old rapper added: "Your source is rubbish, none of our friends would speak a word to bottom feeders such as yourself.
Eventually, truth will become the gold standard of excellence in our industry, and the bottom feeders will simply fade away.
Rutland wrote: "Looking at the style of 'writing' it looks like the work of those bottom feeders that can barely string two words together and every locality seems to have a few.
A squirrel would position itself on a nearby branch, stretch out, grab the tube and shake it vigorously as the bottom feeders on the ground waited for large quantities of seeds to spill out.
In female-run macaque societies, big shots' daughters are guaranteed privileged lives while daughters of bottom feeders eke out a miserable existence.
Three of the bottom four - Moseley, Scottish and Plymouth - have four wins, while bottom feeders Esher have none, although they do have the confidence of an unlikely draw at Old Deer Park on Boxing Day.
Some bottom feeders, like sheepshead or drums, have massive pharyngeal teeth for crushing shells of small clams and snails.
Hagfish represent an ancient and unique evolutionary lineage; as bottom feeders they play an important role by cleaning the ocean floor and recycling nutrients into the food web which maintains the overall health of the ecosystems they inhabit.
If you don't, then perhaps you're best left in blissful ignorance, because here reside (crowding out the few 'normals' that swim among them) the true bottom feeders of our society.
1%, respectively as relative underperformance attracted bottom feeders.
The worst affected were the bottom feeders that lived at deeper levels.