bottled gas

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hydrocarbon gases, usually propane or butane, kept under pressure

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and operated a Mobile Gas Station and Bottled gas business in Northboro for many years.
The HGV carrying bottled gas stopped shortly after the collision, but was then struck by a third heavy goods vehicle which was towing a curtain sided trailer.
Police said a truck carrying bottled gas was in collision with another lorry carrying a green combine harvester parked in a lay-by.
70 Moroccan police were injured and 10 police killed when they moved in with non-lethal gear, no weapons, and were attacked by militants with knives, bottled gas canisters, and Molotov cocktails.
Dwyfor Oils are also suppliers of bottled gas Dwyfor Oils' headquarters in Caernarfon Staff at Dwyfor Oils, Cibyn Industrial Estate, Caernarfon
Instead, they cooked their turkey in an oven powered by bottled gas - and had to settle for lamps and candles and a battery driven radio for entertainment.
Make sure greenhouse heaters are in good working order, and paraffin or bottled gas supplies in stock.
Warwickshire-based bottled gas company Calor has hit out against the government's plans for biomass, warning current policies would repeat the same mistakes made with biofuels.
Very worthy, but noble promises of radical change calling for home-owners to be told of flood risk don't wash with people who spent last winter scraping frost off their caravan floors and paying an extortionate amount for bottled gas costing more than twice the amount of house hold heating bills.
As a temporary winter measure, Amman will maintain a subsidy on bottled gas until April 1 although the price has been increased by 53pc, from 4.
Following the discovery of the massive accounting hole, the company was sold to Irish bottled gas rival Flogas.
Our domestic water needs were served by a well, rainwater butts nourished our large garden and we cooked with bottled gas, by the light of paraffin lamps and candles.
The race has been sponsored by 'UK Bottled Gas Limited', located at Sandwell Council's Managed Workspace in the Smethwick Enterprise Centre, which supplies bottled gas to businesses country-wide and for other similar events.
Gas heaters may need burners checking and, where bottled gas is used, make sure you have a spare canister in case we have further cold weather.