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a cap that seals a bottle

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In an aggressive step towards non-conformity and increased brand-recognition, tri-state area retail and wholesale insurance company Tower Group Companies recently tapped Boston, MA based interactive media design firm Bottlecap Studios to help establish its new corporate identity and online presence, and give the company a bold new look and more useful website.
and Produced by One-of-a-Kind Design Firm, Bottlecap Studios
Recognizing the inevitable union between new technologies and art, the foundation has partnered with local media design firm Bottlecap Studios to create a new, interactive website that is not only functional, but a work of art in itself.
The initiative was founded and continues to be facilitated by Danielle Gordon of Bottlecap Studios.
Targeted at fast moving consumer goods such as soft drinks and over-the-counter medications, the Captenna(TM) antenna provides good efficiency, bandwidth and pattern when embedded in a bottlecap.
Bottlecap (TM) cards will also provide grins by playing on pop culture, hot topics and birthday fun.
To accompany the magical festivities, The Snapple Twisted-Cap Museum will display consumers' Creative bottlecap sculptures.
Its multifunctional design includes: a flathead screwdriver, cap twister/nut cracker, bottlecap opener, fish scaler, fruit and vegetable peeler, wire cutter and stripper/jar opener.
The overall design of the new Web site was done by Bottlecap Studios, a web and media design firm in Boston.
Trend mavens can rave at the very latest in eco-fashions, including Remi Rubel's dazzling hammered bottlecap mini-dresses, shoes crafted from recycled materials (Deja Shoe Inc.
Stampfel was briefly a member of the fairly outrageous politico-satirical oddballs, The Fugs, later he joined the Bottlecaps before busying himself elsewhere.
High-speed 100% QC monitoring of bottlecaps at 1800/min was demonstrated by Sumitomo (SHI) Demag (demag-usa.
I know I've seen some of these bottlecaps at their house.
In 1992 in the Philippines, PepsiCo promised 8 million pesos (about 25,000 [pounds sterling]) to anyone finding one of 349 winning bottlecaps.