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a cylindrical brush on a thin shaft that is used to clean bottles

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Among those trees currently available are crape myrtle, coast live oak, holly oak, white alder, Chinese pistachio, 'Raywood' ash, chitalpa, Australian willow, paperbark, camphor, southern Magnolia, 'Purple Robe' black locust, lemon and weeping bottlebrushes, tipu, ginkgo and fern pine.
It is simply lovely and is one of the first bottlebrushes to be used for garden glory.
Bottlebrushes are, they find, the ideal choice for accessing and cleaning those hard to reach areas.
At the recent Amateur Gardening Spring Show at the Royal Showground at Stoneleigh it was difficult to miss bottlebrushes (Callistemon).
To gather the latter, they traveled near and far, bringing back sabal palms, palmettos, and perennials from around the United States, and obscure bottlebrushes and eucalyptus from Australia (including Eucalyptus neglecta, an evergreen hardy to -20 [degrees]).
Small trees such as guavas and bottlebrushes produce heavy shade under which no plant can grow.
A group of plants closely related to bottlebrushes are the melaleucas.