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Bottle-nosed dolphins occupy specific localities ( the nearest to the Humber today is in the Moray Firth in Scotland ( and the question was why the Humber habitat has never been repopulated.
Already, there is a Special Area of Conservation for bottle-nosed dolphins in the lower Shannon area - home of the world famous Fungi.
The finding doesn't prove that tributyl tin killed the coastal-dwelling bottle-nosed dolphins, but there is other evidence that butyl tin compounds are potent immune system suppressors.
Male bottle-nosed dolphins (the Flipper variety) are very aggressive.
Swimmers and conservationists "have lost count" of the number of bottle-nosed dolphins seen this year.
Bottle-nosed dolphins are among the most aggressive but killer whales are dolphins too - the only members of the extended family who habitually hunt their smaller cousins.
WATCH four bottle-nosed dolphins that perform daily.
And I don't buy the theory that they were killed by bottle-nosed dolphins - although attacks by Flipper's mean big brother on the smaller porpoises are wellknown in Cardigan Bay, there are not enough records of bottle-nosed here to account for so many dead porpoises.
Also seen are white-sided and bottle-nosed dolphins, and killer whales.
Quay West, a British Holidays park in West Wales, overlooks beautiful Cardigan Bay, which is home to a rare school of bottle-nosed dolphins.
But what has to be a must for all the family is a trip to Dolphin Reef, where you can swim with bottle-nosed dolphins and watch them being trained.
They are especially prominent along the west coast, where the most common species is the Harbour Porpoise, but this is pushed hard by the bottle-nosed dolphins, which are quite plentiful around the Isle of Mull.
The bottle-nosed dolphins appear to be feeding and playing," said Andy.
The sheltered beach at Mwnt is a great place to spot seals and bottle-nosed dolphins playing among the waves in the bay.
Experts said they were probably bottle-nosed dolphins, more commonly seen in south west England and off the Continental coast.