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(of an infant) given milk from a bottle


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By focusing on air ingestion in bottle-fed babies, the industry has developed products that require less suckling.
Diane bottle-fed her children as she found it "more convenient" and "knew the exact amount they were getting".
This paper reports on the characteristics of caregivers and household with an under two year-old infant/child who are bottle-fed.
The research found that of 22% of two-year-olds studied nearly a quarter were obese aged five, compared with 16% of children who had not been bottle-fed until the age of two.
Maximum 41 per cent infants were breast fed + bottle-fed + solid fed in 6-9 months age group whereas minimum 4.
Bottle-fed babies can be more prone to constipation because their milk is less easily broken down, but laxatives are never called for unless the baby is obviously distressed, and even then a health visitor or GP should be consulted.
BOTTLE-FED rare lion cub Tejas already has his future mapped out.
Alan senior has lived at the farm for 50 years, and until 2002, when he invested around pounds 100 in a SCA NuTec Shepherdess Orphan Lamb system, all orphan and triplet lambs were bottle-fed.
Now she's being bottle-fed at Tiggy winkles Wildlife Hospital, near Aylesbury, Bucks, and named Foxy Lady.
Professor Frank Furedi and Dr Ellie Lee, from the University of Kent, looked at women's feelings on breastfeeding, with interviews with 33 mothers who bottle-fed their babies under three months.
BABIES who are given dummies to suck and are bottle-fed are twice as likely to suffer uneven, badly spaced teeth than those who are breast-fed, research showed today.
GET ready for a tall story: He's only a year old, is still being bottle-fed, but stands 9ft tall.
Two hundred twenty-six mothers (18%) reported exclusively breastfeeding their newborns during their stay at JRMC, whereas 79% bottle-fed their infants exclusively, and 3% reported mixed feeding during their hospital stay.
By ages 20-24 years, 5% of breast-fed offspring developed diabetes compared with 15% of bottle-fed offspring, said Dr.