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Decorative bottle trees brighten gardens with color, dimension, and whimsy.
In addition, on one of Welty's drives out in the country, she came upon a house with a bottle tree in front.
This tree is dedicated to the memory of Anna Thompson, our `umbrella of love,' '' reads the bronze plaque that will be placed next to the 8-year-old bottle tree that was dedicated Wednesday.
He speaks with Nana because "when we was children we believed in you, that you could strike out evil with your bottle trees, and your other charms.
The shacks retain a feeling of authenticity--featuring such charming details as bottle trees in the yards, rocking chairs and strung-up colored lights on the porches, and even old tire tubes on the roofs--but rest assured that modern conveniences like indoor plumbing and air conditioning are now provided.
The city's urban forestry division planted Australian willow, Arizona ash, London plane, Bradford pear, Canary Island pine, California live oak, bottle trees, silk trees, valley oaks and fruitless mulberry trees.
There are plate trees in Kongo and bottle trees in Arkansas, and Dial once mirrored them in a painting with a memorable theme of spiritual embottlement.