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a statute that would require merchants to reclaim used bottles

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Despite MASSPIRG's efforts, Question 2, the bottle bill expansion, lost by a huge margin, with just 27 percent of voters in favor, and 73 percent opposed.
Franklin started the Container Recycling Institute in her basement in 1991 and was recognized as one of the preeminent experts on container recycling and bottle bills.
The best way to address the rising number of containers is to create new bottle bills in states without them, Gitlitz says, and to adjust old bills for inflation.
The returnable beverage container law, typically called a bottle bill, isn't a new concept, but all have failed in the Legislature.
The deposit has been a nickel since the Legislature passed the bottle bill in 1971.
An expansion of the bottle bill may seem a very different topic, but Question 2 is also at bottom about a self-imposed tax, and equally corrosive to good government.
The bottle bill was great, but without the 5 cents, there would be no scavenging because the plastic is not worth 5 cents," said Ceasare Gentile, coordinator of the waste management unit for the New York City Housing Authority.
Earlier this year, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) circulated a draft report titled "Preliminary Analysis: The Costs and Benefits of Bottle Bills.
These funds, generated from the unclaimed bottle bill deposits, went to communities for their general fund reimbursements and for staff to provide technical assistance in contract negotiations.
I am now against Question 2, which seeks to expand the bottle bill in Massachusetts.
Oregon's bottle bill inspired similar laws in eight other states in the decade following its passage.
Expanding the bottle bill would be expensive and have little environmental impact.
The CRI continues to advocate bottle bill programs as a guaranteed way to increase the UBC recycling rate.
Warehouse space at the company's Manchester, CT, facility holds 500,000 cases of beer and snack foods and up to 14,000 kegs in refrigeration, and has facilities for processing the empty bottles and cans returned under Connecticut's bottle bill.
The company also designs and manages construction of solid waste recycling facilities and systems and provides processing and administrative services to regional retailers and beverage wholesalers subject to the New York State Bottle Bill.