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I felt unreasonably wroth with Raffles, for coming into the conversation as he had done - for taking centuries in Test Matches as he was doing, without bothering his head about me.
That's what he's been bothering his wits about these two years past
It is often the way when you have been bothering a long time over a thing.
Also could he write, with printed letters, rapidly and plainly, but script he had not mastered, for though there were several copy books among his treasure, there was so little written English in the cabin that he saw no use for bothering with this other form of writing, though he could read it, laboriously.
An unusual feeling had been bothering him all the evening and forbidding him to settle into any one train of thought.
I don't want to be bothering you one time after another, but to get things once for all into the right channel.
Tip seized the basket eagerly and began to eat, following for a time the strange girl without bothering to ask questions.
And I wonder, Richard, you can think of bothering your head about our POVERTY in case of your death; as if THAT would be anything compared with the calamity of losing you--an affliction that you well know would swallow up all others, and which you ought to do your utmost to preserve us from: and there is nothing like a cheerful mind for keeping the body in health.
The colonel assured him that they would, and a moment later Tarzan had traced upon the map the location of three that had been bothering the English.
Coulson," she said, "especially after all these other people have been bothering you.
I really don't think it is worth while your bothering about the bandage," he said.
But what is the need of bothering your head with it?
The fact is, my dear, I hadn't any intention of bothering you with details.