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Synonyms for bothered

caused to show discomposure


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I wouldn't have spent the money myself, but Dunsey bothered me, and I was a fool, and let him have it.
Martin, bothered by an odd feeling of strangeness in the midst of his own familiar surroundings, smoked his pipe in silence and studied Rose soberly.
Say it again, please," he said in a simple, bothered manner; "do you mean that Todhunter can tie himself up all alone and untie himself all alone?
Of course," said he, wondering why she bothered to explain.
But whatever he thinks to be his duty, that he'll do, in season or out of season; and, of course, he makes many enemies, not only among the absolutely vicious, but among the easy-going, who hate being bothered.
He felt angry with himself that he had bothered so much about the right way of regarding Miss Daisy Miller.
I find the spot so delightful that I haven't bothered much about the sport.
If from the habits of a lifetime, it had not become a sort of second nature with me never to leave anything worth having behind if there was the slightest chance of my being able to carry it away, I am sure that I should not have bothered to fill my pockets and that basket.
Strickland wants to be bothered with me just now," I said.
But the kitten bothered them constantly by demanding milk or meat, and called the Wizard names because he could not bring her a dish of milk by means of his magical arts.
We are traveling on important business," he declared, "and you'll excuse me if I say we can't be bothered.
There were hidden machine guns, too, that bothered the colonel considerably.
I dunno what they are -- I never bothered to look in 'em, but the address on the top one is
Just now I am bothered to death about other things.
Though they had often bothered him, he had never bothered about them; and he would never have dreamed that there were women who had been better because of him.