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the use of plants or plant extracts for medicinal purposes (especially plants that are not part of the normal diet)

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Part scientific journal, part consumer magazine, FlerbalGram has furthered ABC's unique non-profit educational mission by disseminating extensively researched, literature-supported, and expertly peer-reviewed information on botanical medicine.
To take a medical geographic "snapshot" of medical cannabis delivery at a particular place, the study used basic methodologies such as questionnaire, interview, and observation to follow the geographic arc of a selected clonal batch of cannabis botanical medicine at a purposefully chosen urban medical cannabis dispensary that delivers locally produced medicine to verified qualifying patients in Washington State.
Gigi Stafne is an educator, writer and activist of 20 years within the realms of natural and botanical medicine, women's health, environmental health and ecology.
offers a range of holistic health care services, from homeopathy and botanical medicine to diet and lifestyle counseling.
Part 1 seeks to clarify the role of botanical medicine in complementary and integrative healing before explaining where it sits in a historical context.
They focus on clinical subjects, including pharmacology, botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, minor surgery and musculoskeletal manipulation, he said.
In 2001 she enrolled in classes at the Educational Center for Botanical Medicine in Phoenix.
In contrast, according to Scalzo, "A lot of the pre-clinical research on botanical medicine is done through in-vitro studies, and if no toxicity is found, human trials can occur.
said at a meeting on botanical medicine sponsored by Columbia University and the University of Arizona.
However, they also study acupuncture, botanical medicine and other alternative therapies.
Adrian Fugh-Berman said at a meeting on botanical medicine sponsored by Columbia University and the University of Arizona.
Lisa Ganora (Whitewolf), is a scientifically-educated traditional herbalist with a holistic approach to botanical medicine and nutritionist.
For example during the first movement, hydropathy (the water cure movement), homeopathy (the dilution system invented by Hahnemann), and botanical medicine (Thomsonianism) were popular, while the second phase produced Christian Science and New Thought in opposition to regular medicine.
The Center focuses on immune support through clinical nutrition, botanical medicine and psychoneuroimmunology.