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a petty officer on a merchant ship who controls the work of other seamen

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Our objective is to provide our clients with the newest communications channels and technologies," Bosun Kim adds.
Mr Gwynne said an IT worker friend told him someone may have used computer trickery to bombard the charity's site with votes for Bosun.
The diamond tools produced by Bosun Tools mainly find application in construction, building material processing and decoration, especially show competitive advantages in the field of ceramic processing.
Course-and-distance duo Arctic Feeling and Bosun Breese are the only two in today's field to have won at Ayr, both over this trip.
The men cheered, and night after bitterly cold night they sailed around pursuing the missing bosun, while continuing to smash hadrons into each other for amusement.
Bosun put on a gentle, silky voice and showed his diving, birdlike dance moves, which his four backup singers followed as part of the group's delightful stage choreography.
Nerida's unofficial bosun, David Salter, was authorised to act as 'owner's representative' and supervised the salvage.
Mrs Moar, of Stromness, said: "Alex is the bosun on a ferry and he's experienced at sea.
The bosun, Rodolfo, is horrified to find himself ordered to prepare the primitive float knowing full well that the probability of its finding a welcoming shore in the churning sea miles from land is certainly dim.
Variations of boatswain include bosun, bos'n, bo's'n or bo'sun.
Lyngby scored further goals through Nigerian Ayeni Bosun, Mikkel Bo Jensen plus substitutes Tobias Grahn and Mads Junker.
Lyngby, only seventh in Denmark last year, hit 4-0 in 35 minutes, with goals from Mikkel Bo Jensen, Ayeni Bosun, Nichlas Hindsberg and Kim Christensen.
Miners 2, 82-120 Krynica Morska;c) Bosun Port Frombork, ul.
Among the permanent crew are Fliss Green, 32, chief officer, and Kim Williams, 28, bosun, both from Wallasey.