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(of a woman's body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves

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The budding controversy is over the shops' storefront mannequins, more bosomy and large-nippled than those found in most department stores.
A hackneyed historical novel filled with bosomy maidens and blustery old navy dialogue ('Mizzen top blown
Brian is relieved to have got that off his chest, and no wonder - his role in Hairspray requires him to play a very bosomy 18st lady.
The big portrait of a bosomy young lady that had once graced the walls had to go.
With Nicholls duly kitted out, the evening's proceedings get under way, as a bosomy blonde roams the room modelling an pounds 18m historical white diamond.
More markings ornamented his arms and torso: the head of a dragon with a human skull between its open jaws; bosomy nudes; a gremlin brandishing a pitchfork; the word PEACE accompanied by a cross radiating rays of holy light; and two sentimental concoctions--one a bouquet of flowers dedicated to MOTHER-DAD, the other a heart that celebrated the romance of DICK and CAROL.
Clad in a body suit weighing 75 pounds, he is big and bosomy yet captures the vulnerability and insecurity of Edna.
Bosomy Boy Scouts, relief is yet near; John Maddenesque mammaries you no longer need fear.
The pretty brunette has a very particular style of her own - consisting of tight girdles, bosomy peasant blouse and dirndl skirts.
There was Flaubert the sedentary hermit of style, putting in twelve hours a day at his nocturnal desk in Croisset, and there was Flaubert the traveller and explorer, ranging through Greece and the Near East, smoking hookahs and coupling with courtesans, such as the "wide-shouldered, bosomy, coffee-colored Syrian" Kuchiuk-Hanem, whose "beautiful kneecaps" the horny Flaubert especially admired and with whom he spent a memorable flea-nibbled night in Cairo.
Some purists may have found Gonzales's work (his other painting, Hooters, 2005, depicted three bosomy waitresses) too "Pop" to be included--as if the borders of abstraction are definitively mapped or should be policed.
I am bosomy and bottomy with quite a small waist- Nigella Lawson
But despite the promise of such epic performance, the flat, slab-sided body has none of the original's bosomy curves, bulging wheel-arches or visual drama.
The Battery culminates at a decidedly homoerotic bronze sculpture depicting a toga-clad, bosomy Southern "Motherhood" sending her fantastically handsome son, garbed in a mere fig leaf, off to battle to defend the Confederacy.
Or Melinda Messenger, the ex- Page Three model who hosts her own bosomy Channel 5 game show.