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covered with or consisting of bushes or thickets


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In a recent interview, Zilla says, “Collaborating with Bosky has been an exciting experience and has given me the chance to get international publicity for my art.
Monir AU, Gundberg CM, Yagerman SE, van der Meulen MCH, Budell W, Bosky AL, et al.
In truth, I love it, and have done ever since my days in the bosky dells and rolling hills of rural Wales - a landscape not a million miles away from Tolkien's mythical Shire, I always thought.
Dieppe had long been a fashionable resort for both English and French artists and writers, while the bosky seaside village itself had been visited by Monet and Proust and was the home of the painter Jacques-Emile Blanche.
Oh to be in England - well you can visit No 8 in the bosky cul de sac that The Spinney and then drive along Kenilworth Road and left on to Beechwood Road for 10 more super Earlsdon gardens.
Italy and Ireland in 70 million households through distribution partners Comcast (Channel 107 nationwide), Time Warner (nationwide), DirecTV (channel 358 nationwide), Dish Network (channel 196 nationwide), Verizon, AT&T, Bosky (channel 183), Virgin Media (channel 155) and Sky Italia (channel 130).
Usually, I head for the Northern Fells and let go of my cares amongst the mountains, lakes and bosky dells of the most beautiful National Park in England.
Usually, I head for the Northern Fells and let go of my cares among the mountains, lakes and bosky dells of the most beautiful national park in England.
Back on 122, traveling northwest beyond the church and the colonial cemetery, the road gradually becomes less residential and more bosky.
Clifford Davidson focuses his analysis on the contextual necessity for evil or "[t]he Way of Perversity" to the effective portrayal of the good; both he and Bernadette Bosky discuss the role of "Goetia, the selfish and obscene pursuit of magic or witchcraft in order to wrest power away from Heaven" (Davidson 86) in Williams's literary realization of his Christian convictions.
But Baker and Bailey have transformed February in cold Mold into a bosky, leaf-strewn magical glade where anything can happen.
29) So, if the woods were indeed safe at one point in time, and it was considered harmless and even life-saving to "wade in the water," then this semblance of refuge outdoors was due partly to the fact that whites had not yet publicly staked a claim on the bosky outdoors.
Garren journeyed from the bosky confines of Chapel Hill, N.
Westoe maintained their place at the top of North Two east with a 21-6 victory at Alnwick thanks to tries by Haswell and Hagan, plus a conversion and two penalties by Bosky and another penalty by Haswell.
Everything, including the perimeter car parking bays, is subtly brought together by Livingston Eyre's landscaping that knits into the bosky suburban setting.