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a cricket ball bowled as if to break one way that actually breaks in the opposite way

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The shift of Wilde's attention away from Bosie and toward the effects of the bitterness on himself are accompanied, interestingly, by a distinct decline in explicit mentions of Douglas as a second-person interlocutor in the central section.
Following in his father''s footsteps, Bosie did not achieve a place at Eton and ended up at Winchester, a place Bosie recalled in his autobiography as a "sink of iniquity" where the boys displayed contempt for all religious or ethical standards.
Freddie Fox is superb as Bosie, the lover who leads Wilde to his downfall.
To begin with, he quickly went back to his old ways, eventually going so far as to continue his relationship with Bosie (much to the dismay of both his wife and Bosie's family).
If so, then he really did have much to explain to her--not the truth of his relationship with Bosie, of course, but the nature of the allegation and his feeling that he must respond.
John Sutherland no doubt overstates the case when he claims that "the relationship between Stephen Spender and Tony Hyndman has been more exhaustively depicted and mulled over in print than any since Bosie and Oscar" (Sutherland 205).
Knox explains that Wilde's sensual love for her sister Isola, who died at the age of nine, embodies itself in his love for Bosie (242).
It was Wilde's heartfelt but unwise adoration of Bosie that had triggered his downfall in 1895, goading Lord Alfred's unstable and violent father, the Marquess of Queensberry, into uncovering Wilde's reckless escapades with rent boys.
21) Nada mas conocerlo, Bosie examina cordialmente los dientes del nino (Jim) y dice a su colega (Frank): Esto es un juego de dientes bien conservado.
Commenting on this friendship for his 1970 production, Jonathan Miller states that "the relationship between Bassanio and Antonio made me think of the relationship between Oscar Wilde and Bosie where a sad old queen regrets the opportunistic heterosexual love of a person whom he adored" (Miller 107).
A new tea parlor called Bosie is soft opening later this month at 10 Morton Street near Bleecker Street.
The twenty lexical items are as follows: quine, lug, cloot, pooch, neep, lum, dubs, briks, simmit, bairns, oxter, scurry, loon, preen, tatties, slivers, plook, kirk, bosie, een.
The volume contains 50 handwritten pages, including Wilde's earliest surviving letter to his lover Lord Alfred Douglas, whom he called Bosie, which documents the start of his doomed gay relationship with the Magdalen College undergraduate in the early 1890s, reports the Independent.
When Wilde punningly confesses to Bosie, 'I've taken quite a shine to him myself,' Bosie informs him that tonight, Wilde will see the bootblack 'shining like gold,' although he adds, with Mosaic ominousness: 'But don't be tempted to worship the Golden Calf, or you'll feel my wrath.