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a cricket ball bowled as if to break one way that actually breaks in the opposite way

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Following in his father''s footsteps, Bosie did not achieve a place at Eton and ended up at Winchester, a place Bosie recalled in his autobiography as a "sink of iniquity" where the boys displayed contempt for all religious or ethical standards.
Freddie Fox is superb as Bosie, the lover who leads Wilde to his downfall.
In De Profundis he recounts to Bosie a scene that today would be called "coming out": when a visitor to Reading Gaol, a "friend of ten years' standing," expressed his support for Wilde's "innocence," Wilde "burst into tears at what he said, and told him that while there was much [in Queensberry's charge] .
Nassaar's recent novel The Importance of being Earnest Revisited, via Isaure de Saint-Pierre's new book Bosie and Wilde, which is fiction pretending to be biography, to the forthcoming volume on teaching Wilde that the MLA has commissioned from Philip E.
Bosie Cascade contrasted that with the "transient invasion by owl surveyors" involved in the case before it.
Who can forget Reginald Bosanquet whose cricketer father invented the googly (it's still called a Bosie after him in Australia); Alastair Stewart, a former deputy president of the National Union of Students; or Andrew Gardner, who expired a week after the last News At Ten broadcast?
Bosie was a blushing boy-toy undergraduate at Oxford's Magdalen College--ripe for the fame, fortune, and free meals in tony restaurants that Oscar offered.
The night of the premiere of The Importance of Being Earnest, the Marquess of Queensberry intended to throw a phallic bouquet of carrots, cucumbers, and turnips at Oscar Wilde, probably to "punish" him for his homosexual affair with the Marquess' son Bosie.
Jude, who first burst on to cinema screens as the amoral Bosie in Wilde, has always been a character actor blessed with the looks of a leading man.
Jude, who burst on to cinema screens as the amoral Bosie in Wilde, has always been a character actor blessed with the looks of a leading man.
Hichens makes fun of Esme Amarinth and his friend Reggie, with the result that readers were piqued to know what really went on between Wilde and Bosie at aesthetic houseparties.
And in De Profundis, Wilde's long letter to Bosie from Reading Gaol, he states quite openly that he is "a born antinomian" as if it were something rare and precious, as if he were one of the elect: "I am" he wrote, "one of those who were made for exceptions, not for laws.
It seemed an interesting idea to explore the connections between the fictive and the biographical with Bosie as Gray, Oscar as Wotton/Hallward, and Constance as the tragic victim, Sibyl Vane.
BOISE Idaho BIOSE (OED), BISEO (OED cell 1305q), BOEIS (pl of boei, Dutch precursor of buoy, OED buoy), BOIES (OED bole), BOSIE (OED), I-BEOS (pl of I-beo, past part of be, OED), IBOES (pl of iboe, OED water 1918q), IOBES (proper noun, OED Saturn 888q), OBEIS (OED obey), OBIES (OED US Theatre awards), SEIBO (Santa Cruz del Seibo = El Seibo, East Dominican Republic CGNA)
Law has played a homosexual role in the past - as Oscar Wilde's lover Bosie in Wilde, opposite Stephen Fry.