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formerly a British reform school for youths considered too young to send to prison

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The AD and SJ visited central jail, Borstal Jail and District Jail and went to barracks, kitchen, hospital and reviewed arrangements for inmates.
Now, in a unique television experiment, 14 young troublemakers, half of whom have criminal convictions, two of whom were violent criminals, volunteered to become Borstal boys, spending four weeks in a castle in Northumberland to see if it could break their cycle of bad behaviour.
Kyle says there were many positive things about his 1930s Borstal experience.
Some of the elements I'd bring back, but not the whole regime, no," says Dave Jackson, one of the housemasters in the Borstal series.
The programme's aim is to discover if the hard work, education and exercise used in borstal would benefit today's troublemakers.
Victims say abusers even took them out of the borstal to carry out their sickening sex attacks.
The CRM KP urges provincial government for necessary steps for exclusive juvenile courts and designated juvenile judges, establishment of borstal institutions in accordance with the act, consultation on amendments as well as clarity on different points, he added.
Laszlo 10 Species; 9 system; borstal The 8 tin; and Copper 7 meltwater; glacial by deposited gravel of ridge A6 Fair; Vanity 5 Quebec; 4 Lotus; 3 Maigret; 2 Britain; Great 1
This essay examines the political uses to which Behan puts language in his autobiographical fiction, Borstal Boy, both as an instrument of domination and a means of liberation.
Tenders are invited for supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of CCTV Systems and accessories to Central Prison-I, Puzhal, Central Prison-II, Puzhal, Central Prison, Vellore, Cuddalore, Trichy, Madurai, Palayamkottai, Salem and Coimbatore, Special Prison for Women, Vellore, Trichy and Puzhal and District Jail & Borstal School, Pdukkottai.
PUNK'S popularity continues to grow on Teesside with a Boro date for rockers The Borstal Babies.
IMOGEN Thomas has reportedly signed up for a role on Tool Academy, a kind of borstal for bad boyfriends.
The sailors are currently lodged in Borstal school in Kochi, which houses juvenile delinquents.
Behan, best known for his play, The Quare Fellow, and his book, Borstal Boy, spent eight years in prison for IRA activities, including the attempted murders of two Dublin detectives.
Ireland's "moral hospital"; the Irish borstal system 1906-1956.