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take on loan


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get temporarily

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take up and practice as one's own

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3 million were paid to 29,044 borrowers in Punjab during the period while in Sindh province 22,712 borrowers were paid Rs 715.
With the new enhancements, borrowers will now have the ability to view and download payment statements, balances, and year-to-date collected amounts.
Check the status of other projects and partnerships your borrower may be involved with.
Second-lien loans, despite their loftier spreads, are attractive to leveraged borrowers because they provide a floating rate with lower costs than a fixed-rate bond deal and lower prepayment costs.
Borrowers can also extend their payment terms to lower the monthly payments.
Mortgage guaranty insurance, also known as private mortgage insurance, allows borrowers to own a home without the need for a high down payment.
issuers, bondholders, conduit borrowers, and the Federal Government).
As a volunteer for the Burbank Public Library's Home Borrowers Program, Carroll - who works part-time for a metal-stamping manufacturer in North Hollywood - has been a lifeline for Bradley's love of books.
With that unique database we obtained rough measures of the amount of credit risk that the major participants bore and the distribution of that risk across institutions by the income and racial or ethnic characteristics of the borrowers and their neighborhoods.
There are many types of funding sources available to industry borrowers right now, ranging from banks, to Wall Street investors, to HUD - which is a very active player - to REITs, and even some credit company-type players.
Other issues addressed included the amount of creditable taxes on net loans made to Brazilian borrowers and the treatment of interest income on "cap loans.
All the demons that have pushed the budget so far out of balance can be seen at work propping up the REA: The borrowers, though few in number, are widely dispersed over many congressional districts; they have grown up over the years and developed sophisticated lobbies in Washington that jealously guard their benefits; the regulations governing the programs have become arcane and complex, mastered only by their staunchest congressional defenders; the programs once served a noble purpose, so attacking them today is considered heretical; and they are small enough ("concentrated benefits and diffuse costs," as one analyst puts it) that few congressmen are willing to take the political heat involved in trying to fight them.
Some borrowers might be well-served to have a real estate broker lease up the building before they consider a purchase and concurrent application for a mortgage.
The key risk for mortgage lenders is credit risk, which arises from the possibility that borrowers may fail to pay their loan obligations as scheduled.