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take on loan


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get temporarily

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take up and practice as one's own

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Borrowers will be expected to demonstrate their property management expertise as well as to present accurate cash flow projections during the expected period of ownership.
Borrowers are spread among a host of diverse industries.
If borrowers are experiencing trouble meeting their obligation, they should contact the Department of Education at 1-800-4FEDAID or their lender directly.
When borrowers are reported delinquent, we establish a reserve which is an estimate of the amount of loss if the loan goes to claim," Zimmerman said.
This schizophrenic approach pushes the IRS and issuers/conduit borrowers to resolve any differences on the taxability of the bonds no later than Appeals.
While the regular checkout time is three weeks, home borrowers can keep materials for four.
For example, the FHA backed about one-third of the dollar amount of mortgages extended in 1995 to lower-income borrowers but assumed nearly two-thirds of the credit risk associated with lending to that group.
It's important to understand that, in addition to their intrinsic value, low interest rates also give borrowers the chance to improve all other terms and conditions of refinancing.
According to the study, 12 percent of 30-year fixed-rate borrowers refinancing their loans in the third quarter chose ARMs, down from a revised 16 percent in the second quarter.
Beginning in 1975, the Brazilian government rebated to Brazilian borrowers most of the withholding taxes imposed on interest paid to foreign lenders.
this spring, the House passed a bill that would sweeten the deal for the telephone borrowers with some new rules that would seem outrageous.
Most notably, borrowers with Parent PLUS or GradPLUS loans through the Direct Loan program might already have a low fixed rate.
When borrowers approach Wall Street conduits with large transactions, they tend to get similar quotes from various lenders.
The key risk for mortgage lenders is credit risk, which arises from the possibility that borrowers may fail to pay their loan obligations as scheduled.
30 ~PRNewswire~ -- The Student Loan Marketing Association (Sallie Mae) (NYSE: SLM) announced today that it is introducing the Great Rewards Program, the first national student loan repayment program that rewards borrowers for making on-time payments on their Stafford student loans by significantly reducing their interest payments.