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Antonyms for borrower

someone who receives something on the promise to return it or its equivalent

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a) financial covenant relief to allow the borrower time to execute an operational turnaround;
So, if a home is destroyed by a hurricane and the borrower also defaults on the mortgage, the home must be restored before a claim could be submitted to the mortgage guaranty insurer.
Thus, if the IRS wanted to audit a particular bond issue, it had to identify and audit the bondholders who were excluding the tax-exempt interest on their returns and, through those audits, seek third-party information from the issuer and conduit borrower to determine whether the bonds met the requirements for exemption under the Code and regulations.
The borrower is then matched with a volunteer, and a schedule is arranged for deliveries and pick-ups.
In fact, the best thing a borrower can do is to put their loan request in play before a number of potential lenders.
In assessing the possibility that a prospective borrower may default on a mortgage, lenders evaluate both ability and willingness to repay the loan.
So what does this mean to the would-be long-term care borrower this year?
For example, a loan agreement calls for a bank to receive (or net) 9% interest, with any tax obligation falling on the borrower.
BOSTON -- For the majority of students and parents who have Federal Parent PLUS or GradPLUS loans, consolidating now would immediately lower the interest rate - and depending on borrower benefits - could also allow for additional interest rate reductions and other incentives.
With this variation in mind, how does a borrower go about gaining the best possible terms on a small transaction?
To minimize the withholding liability, however, the lender and borrower may have engaged in "treaty shopping" by routing the loan through a third party located in a country where lenders are entitled by treaty to a reduced withholding rate.
To facilitate this process, mortgage companies often transfer to a mortgage insurer much or all of the credit risk associated with holding the loans, thereby reducing the loss the loan purchaser would suffer in the event of default by a borrower.
These clarifications address subtle yet important factors considered when underwriting a mortgage -- factors that may make a difference in whether a borrower can obtain a mortgage.