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Antonyms for borrower

someone who receives something on the promise to return it or its equivalent

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SS&C Precision LM Borrowers Viewpoint helps decrease the volume of calls into the loan servicing call center, and improves borrower satisfaction by allowing borrowers to be more self-sufficient.
Check the status of other projects and partnerships your borrower may be involved with.
As a result, the borrower will need to understand the composition of its bank group and who will represent the second-lien lenders in the negotiations, as well as what and how much authority the representatives have.
Mortgage guaranty insurance protects the lender or investor against borrower default, and is primarily used on high-ratio mortgage loans, said Mike Zimmerman, vice president of investor relations for Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp.
For example, if the IRS determines that a $50,000,000 series of bonds with a 5-percent coupon does not qualify as tax-exempt, its opening offer to settle the case without taxing the bondholders would be for the conduit borrower to pay more than $2 million plus interest and redeem the bonds (thereby causing the loss of lower-rate financing).
The borrower is then matched with a volunteer, and a schedule is arranged for deliveries and pick-ups.
Once an institution agrees to assume the risk that a borrower will not repay a loan as scheduled, the other participants in the mortgage process--originators, funders, and purchasers--are readily available.
So what does this mean to the would-be long-term care borrower this year?
For example, a loan agreement calls for a bank to receive (or net) 9% interest, with any tax obligation falling on the borrower.
BOSTON -- For the majority of students and parents who have Federal Parent PLUS or GradPLUS loans, consolidating now would immediately lower the interest rate - and depending on borrower benefits - could also allow for additional interest rate reductions and other incentives.
In fact, the best thing a borrower can do is to put their loan request in play before a number of potential lenders.
To minimize the withholding liability, however, the lender and borrower may have engaged in "treaty shopping" by routing the loan through a third party located in a country where lenders are entitled by treaty to a reduced withholding rate.
To facilitate this process, mortgage companies often transfer to a mortgage insurer much or all of the credit risk associated with holding the loans, thereby reducing the loss the loan purchaser would suffer in the event of default by a borrower.