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Synonyms for borrow

take on loan


Synonyms for borrow

get temporarily

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take up and practice as one's own

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I had never spent my money in his saloon, and even when I borrowed from him I didn't spend any money.
But Fred gives me his honor that he has never borrowed money on the pretence of any understanding about his uncle's land.
It borrowed $282 billion in net privately-held marketable debt and ended the quarter with a cash balance of $229 billion.
Individually, you will know if you have borrowed much but if you do your math and know that the borrowing can repay itself, then you can relax.
Since the Spring Meetings in April 2017, further progress has been made in securing commitments to provide bilateral borrowed resources under the IMFs 2016 borrowing framework.
The convention for calculating money market interest rate is as follows: interest amount equals the principal amount being borrowed multiplied by the interest rate and multiplied by the number of days between the date that the borrowing is incurred and the date of repayment divided by 360 days.
It was passed by 20 council members and rejected by 14, but if 21 had voted against it then the government would have been ordered to return all the money it had borrowed so far.
India borrowed around 65 per cent of its full year needs during the first half of 2013/14.
Borrowing would be through the Public Works Loan Board (PWLB) to achieve the best rate of interest on the capital borrowed (currently 2.
IRISH readers had legal matters on their minds last year with John Grisham's The Litigators the most borrowed book from public libraries.
The State Bank of Pakistan has reported that the federal government borrowed Rs1.
On October 29, 2008, European banks Dexia SA borrowed $26.
Of the 26 percent of GDP we have borrowed, just over 11 percent ($1.
The figure, which excludes financial interventions by the Government, was a marked decrease on the pounds 21bn borrowed a year earlier, according to the Office for National Statistics.
Tables 3 and 4 show trends in the rate of borrowing and the average amount borrowed from any source for federal loans by degree program, attendance intensity, and institution type.