boron trifluoride

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a pungent colorless gas

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Cationic ring-opening polymerization was employed using boron trifluoride dietherate and 1,4-butanediol (BDO) as catalyst and initiator, respectively.
The chemical structure of the boron trifluoride doped poly(3-aminoacetophenone) ([P.
Now all four ion implantation gases including Arsine, Phosphine and Boron Trifluoride are available as Safe Delivery Source products from Matheson EPG and Advanced Technology Materials Inc.
In this instance the Company's end product will be germanium tetrafluoride (GeF4), but FEP has also been successfully demonstrated to produce other valuable high purity fluoride gasses such as boron trifluoride (BF3), and silicon tetrafluoride (SiF4).
16, 1996--Matheson Electronic Products Group (EPG) introduces its new Safe Delivery Source(TM) product for ion implantation utilizing boron trifluoride, it was announced today.
The PiMFC's multi-gas, multi-range feature allows users to configure it for different primary implant gases such as arsine, phosphine, boron trifluoride and others, keeping inventory costs down.
This marks a true breakthrough in the ion implant process as traditionally OEMs have only offered systems with manual purge systems for arsine, phosphine and boron trifluoride gases.
The SDS3 is initially available in JY-size cylinders, for arsine, phosphine, and enriched boron trifluoride gas species.
Its products include, germane, diborane, silane, disilane, silicon tetrafluoride, boron trifluoride and trimethylboron.
The firm specializes in extremely high purity gases such as boron trifluoride, diborane, disilane, germane, silicon tetrafluoride and trimethylboron used for semiconductor manufacturing.
Through an affiliate, KIG operates a specialty gas facility in Shihwa that transfills and produces over 10 ultrahigh-purity specialty gases-including silane, nitrogen trifluoride, boron trifluoride and dopant mixtures, including arsine, phosphine and diborane-for semiconductor manufacturers.
This Global Report 2015 is a result of industry experts' diligent work on researching the world market of boron trifluoride.