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Abu Dhabi/Dubai "Poor child," said Carmen Li of her daughter Sofia who was born yesterday in Dubai and who will celebrate her next birthday only after four years.
Sometimes, you may feel like you were born yesterday, especially when it comes to talking with your CFO.
A Bangladeshi branch manager in an exchange company and his wife became the first parents of 2011, after their son Shawshwat was born yesterday at Jidhafs Maternity Hospital.
Moshiri's oil, acrylic and glitter on canvas mounted on a panel piece, titled Born Yesterday, which he completed in 2007, depicts a pink cookie-cut-out wedding-cake in Hollywood-esque style.
AN EXPECTANT couple were due to win up to pounds 10,000 if their baby was born yesterday.
It was supposed to be such a lucky date that some couples arranged Caesarean sections especially so their babies would be born yesterday.
The baby - the couple's first - was born yesterday morning after Pietersen jetted from Barbados, where he has been playing in the World Twenty20, to be by the former Liberty X singer's side.
My film appearances have included Tin Cup and Born Yesterday, but I am best known for playing James 'Sonny' Crockett in the 1980s TV series Miami Vice.
So when we talk of theatrical dance being a comparatively new art form, comparable to movies or jazz or rock, while it does lack something in a readily accessible catalogue of creative work, let's also remember the roots of those genealogical tables where classical ballet goes back to the early 18th century, and even modern dance is not so modern that it was born yesterday.
Not Born Yesterday,'' a new therapy group for seniors, will help clients with loneliness, family crisis, life-altering illness, bereavement, pressures of aging and more.
He might think the rest of us were born yesterday, but it is clear to anyone with a brain cell that Channel 4 will walk away from racing at some time in the near future.
The Equal Opportunities Commission said the expected 1,750 babies born yesterday would be the first of a new generation whose parents should have a better chance of managing at home and at work.
com, Kaplan neatly sums up their target demographic: "People born yesterday who were afraid to leave the house, yet still wanted a used car.
Cartoonists like TOM TOMORROW weren't born yesterday.
Melanie Griffiths showed she wasn't born yesterday when she was making Born Yesterday.
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