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Synonyms for boring

Synonyms for boring

Synonyms for boring

the act of drilling


Related Words

the act of drilling a hole in the earth in the hope of producing petroleum

so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness

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Borings in the bones were imaged and analyzed using X-ray micro-computed tomography (CT).
Osedax borings were identified as continuous cavities in modified bone tissue.
There were no living specimens on the underside of this bone, but there were Osedax borings (Fig.
Observations in the overland borings focused on concerns related to trench excavation and backfill such as depth to bedrock within the excavation zone, groundwater level, soil stratigraphy and corrosion potential.
For the HDD alignments, two borings were typically located on each side of the feature, such as a railroad crossing, highway or river, and were cored into bedrock to an elevation approximately 10 feet below the proposed HDD placement.
The oldest macroborings in the world are Lower Cambrian Trypanites, which are small, simple borings that have been reported from archeocyathid reefs in Labrador (James et al.
The oldest Trypanites borings in shells were previously known from the Middle Ordovician Trentonian Series (Magdefrau 1932; Cameron 1969).
The initial amount of borings introduced into the furnace represented 7.
Into each magnet-charged charge car, the foundry returns were placed in the back, the steel scrap in front of the returns and the borings on top of the steel in the front.
The new program is the result of test borings done earlier this year on Caballero Street where groundwater has caused soggy lawns and slippery algae on sidewalks, said John Watring, assistant director of public works.
Two borings per home should be sufficient, he said.
Paso Robles has quickly become one of the rising stars in California winemaking," says Bruce Boring, co-founder and owner of The California Wine Club.
Many of the borings requested through this contract will likely consist of 5-foot deep borings for
In addition, there will likely also be deeper borings for
Bruce and Pam Boring travel across California's wine country searching for the best wines from the State's boutique wineries.