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Synonyms for boringness

extreme dullness

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In their alternation of eroticism and boringness, absorption and distraction, Warhol's films also presciently anticipate post-cinematic modes of spectatorship (and it is no surprise to learn that he spent the last years of his life working in television.
How exactly do you measure the level of excitement or boringness of a sport?
I am going to put the boringness back into Sunday" Jarvis Cocker, launching a new radio show "If you're not a raving beauty you'll always be skirting round the interesting parts.
At the same time, because I understand racing - its unpredictability, its mystery, its occasional boringness, its absolute dependence upon history and myth, without which the Derby is just a dozen or so horses running downhill and round a bend - I also know that people won't fall in love with it just because it is offered to them on a plate.
She said: "In terms of boringness of life - training, eating and sleeping - we are similar.
Children credited with their own boringness, or offered as a palliative only hosing out trash cans or cleaning cat fitter boxes will, at least, learn not to trouble others with their tediousness.
In a game in league, where it really matters for something, I'll take the lack of shots and the boringness," he said.