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in a tedious manner

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Williams has a perfect voice, seamless production and it's boringly faultless; only in Sweet Love Of Mine does her voice break, and there it's straight up beautiful.
In stark contrast to the hysteria of shows like Most Haunted, the duo wheel out scientists and other experts who are able to provide boringly rational explanations for all of these and more.
And note that for three years now, the price has remained boringly steady at a little under $110 a barrel.
Because that's an incredible amount of "cheese" Why would any intelligent person want to document every boringly mundane minute of a boringly mundane life?
The hacker collective, which calls itself "the D33Ds Company," claims it hacked into the online giant's (NASDAQ: YHOO) database by using a rather pedestrian SQL injection attack -- the kind of hack so boringly easy it's a joke among hackers and geeks due to its utter simplicity.
Live coverage honours to the BBC for its boringly reverential royal wedding marathon, when everyone knows ITV's folksy approach won the day.
For Tim Curtright (Michael Brenton Gordon), life in his quiet Kansas hometown seems boringly ordinary.
Not only is such a debate boringly old hat now, but also the arguments being put forward in the report are made without accurate data to back them up and with biased assumptions.
I always believed that a person, regardless of the gender, who is stylish commands better attention from people than a 'normal' boringly dressed person.
ANOTHER boringly familiar letter by Phylip Hughes about the Welsh language and Plaid Cymru.
protest against poor services and boringly sluggish efforts against alleged
This explosion of queer into the public from the 1990s onwards has simultaneously been breathtakingly exciting and boringly normalizing.
Perhaps it is the fact that the noises, though loud, are also dull and boringly repetitive.
Bonds may be boringly predictable compared to stocks, but in this case, boring is said to be good.
Sent off favourite for the third time in as many starts in the 1m1 1/2 f handicap at Wolverhampton yesterday, Reg Hollinshead's now 11-race maiden is becoming boringly predictable.