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Synonyms for boring

Synonyms for boring

Synonyms for boring

the act of drilling


Related Words

the act of drilling a hole in the earth in the hope of producing petroleum

so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness

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Mr Warburton said: "Ideally we would like energy companies in the bidding process to involve the borehole in their schemes.
Results indicated that the thermally enhanced pipe reduces the borehole thermal resistance by up to 24% for single U-tube borehole, which reduces the required borehole length by up to 9% for specific loads conditions.
At all 4 areas, we observed the presence or absence of penetrated boreholes on the shell of all collected dead scallops with left and right valves that were connected by the hinge, and that of 50-80 collected live scallops that were selected randomly from the total of live samples collected in areas C and D.
The blasting company witness also said that the area at the base of the highwall, below the loaded boreholes, was clean on the previous day, so it was his belief that the loader would not be mucking at the face in front of the loaded boreholes.
Packing drilled boreholes with explosives was far more effective than surface-laid charges, but the slow work rate was a limiting factor.
24 billion litres of water a day, sources its drinking water from rivers and boreholes, as well as its extensive reservoir network in the Pennines.
Profiles, logs of boreholes, seams correlation and collar co-ordinates completed;
Meatco's social investment arm, Meatco Foundation, has drilled boreholes in the Mbunza area near Rundu in the Okavango region.
Inspectors simply tick the box that says that 300 people have access to improved drinking water - whether or not the borehole is working and whether or not everyone is using it - regardless of the state of the water from the borehole.
The grant will fund construction of a borehole in the village of Ebagueye in the Azawak region that will serve as a year-round source of clean water for people and livestock.
a leading developer of affordable scientific graphics software, announces the release of Strater 3, a powerful, user-friendly upgrade to Strater, a well log, borehole and cross section plotting software package for geoscientists.
Coaxial borehole heat exchangers (BHEs) consist of one central flow channel and one or several peripheral channels with a common longitudinal axis.
GEORDIES once basked in a tropical paradise with a climate like the holiday islands of The Bahamas, a borehole has revealed.
Officers at Vale of Glamorgan council have this week recommended that a planning application to drill an exploratory borehole some 700m below the surface be given the go-ahead.
Borehole disposal facilities for radioactive waste.