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Synonyms for boring

Synonyms for boring

Synonyms for boring

the act of drilling


Related Words

the act of drilling a hole in the earth in the hope of producing petroleum

so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness

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Engineer Fajana charged the committees entrusted with the management of the boreholes not to shy away from their responsibilities by taking care of the project which is aimed at ensuring smooth business activities in the communities.
Fortunately, according to Monjesa, all 30 of the boreholes dug as part of the CHIP program hit safe drinking water on the first try.
This method of breaking the top burden would also have minimal, if any, effect a few borehole diameters away from the charge.
In essence, it comprises the measurement of the volume of water that can escape from an uncased section of borehole at a given time under a given pressure.
The borehole temperature is obtained based on analytical solutions giving the effective ground thermal resistances for each of these three components.
For the analysis reported here, we analyzed 121 test cases with nominal heat pump capacities of 5 -15 kW heating (17,060-51,180 Btu/hr) in increments of 1 kW (3412 Btu/hr) and borehole depths of 100-300 m (328-984 ft.
Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability director Professor Paul Younger said in 2011 he believed there was potential to create a renewable energy supply for large parts of the city with the borehole.
While Music speculated that the distance from the edge of the highwall to four boreholes closest to the edge of the highwall, ALJ Barbour noted that Music was not present at the quarry the day of the inspection, and did not observe the conditions, so his testimony was not given the weight as the inspector's testimony and notes.
A number of boreholes have been 'touch' cored for coal quality analysis;
Meatco's social investment arm, Meatco Foundation, has drilled boreholes in the Mbunza area near Rundu in the Okavango region.
Coaxial borehole heat exchangers (BHEs) consist of one central flow channel and one or several peripheral channels with a common longitudinal axis.
GEORDIES once basked in a tropical paradise with a climate like the holiday islands of The Bahamas, a borehole has revealed.
Borehole disposal facilities for radioactive waste.
p], the temperature penalty, represents a correction to the undisturbed ground temperature due to thermal interferences between boreholes (in the case of a single borehole, [T.
By re-injecting water using a second borehole we are able to maintain the natural water pressures in the rocks and allow pumping to continue for many decades to come.