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Synonyms for borderline

Synonyms for borderline

a fairly narrow line or space forming a boundary

a transitional interval beyond which some new action or different state of affairs is likely to begin or occur

Synonyms for borderline

of questionable or minimal quality


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Borderlines Festival will screen a variety of films at different venues in the two counties, with one of the highlights being the UK premiere of Deborah KoonsGarcia's The Future of Food.
An example of borderline behavior is the person who calls a crisis hotline threatening to commit suicide, then--insisting that the crisis counselor does not really care --refuses to give an address or seek help.
Borderline personality disorder: Where did it come from, and what does it mean?
NEW YORK--Medication plays an important, if adjunctive, role in the treatment of borderline personality disorder by addressing temperamental aspects of the condition that underlie problematic behaviors, Dr.
Meanwhile, a control group made up of 17 patients with borderline personality disorder (BPD) who received treatment as usual was essentially unchanged, drifting from 41.
Borderlines spreads over a vast area of the Welsh Marches, from Oswestry in north Shropshire to Garway in south Herefordshire and from Bromyard in the east to Bishops Castle in the west.
With photos) BEIRUT, Nov 7 (KUNA) -- Lebanese caretaker Minister of Defense Fayez Ghosn said Thursday his country cannot stand idle at the issue of Israel spying activities along the borderline.
On the other hand, each of them may yet be the union of borderlines of distinct figures.
and NATO attacks to Pakistani borderlines which has angered Iran as well, the ambassador explained "U.
A few rounds of negotiations have been already taken place on the matter, and we hope the two states can create an atmosphere in future so that they can reach such an agreement in the borderlines of the common field.
Start low, go slow, and be very careful of the exquisite sensitivity that some borderlines have to some medications, which in my opinion cannot be detected in a clinical interview," he said.
Tamar's video, Borderlines, depicts the emotional highs and lows of BPD sufferers.
Children of borderlines are at risk for developing this complex and devastating personality disorder themselves.
Moskovitz presents EMDR; and recovered borderlines offer inspirational workshops.
Tom Watson, a two-time Masters winner, said: "I'd like to have them reconsider because the course, when the conditions get bad and the greens get firm, borderlines on fair.
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