borderline intelligence

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the minimal IQ required for someone to function normally and independently in the world (without some form of institutional assistance)

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Individuals with borderline intelligence may experience concurrent psychotic symptoms, [16] but these are commonly non-systematized delusions that they are unable to describe clearly.
Cases had a borderline intelligence (70 to 84 score) and normal controls had an IQ of 85 or above scores.
003) were the main adjusted risk factors associated with borderline intelligence in childhood.
The incidence of borderline intelligence range from 14% to 27% in different studies with higher rates in low birth weight children1,3, whereas a prevalence rate of 6% has been reported for Americans.
The present study aimed to determine the risk factors associated with borderline intelligence dur-ing intra-uterine life, delivery and the neonatal peri-ods among first grade school children in Sanadaj City, Kurdistan Province in Western Iran.
A prevalence rate of 3% has recently been reported for borderline intelligence in Kurdistan in 2007.
were significantly associated with borderline intelligence score and made differences between cases and controls as shown in Tables-I and II.
003) were the main adjusted risk factors associ-ated with borderline intelligence in childhood.
On the other hand, familial marriage, mother's age, radiation, asphyxia, low birth weight and prematurity were not significantly associated with borderline intelligence.
Among the limitations of this study, it is worth mentioning that the participants have borderline intelligence or mild-to-moderate ID only, so our results cannot be generalized to more severe degrees of disability.
These children had intellectual abilities ranging from borderline intelligence to moderate learning disability, with many (38%) having mild intellectual disability.
A significant aspect of borderline intelligence is the conceptualization that children, but above all adolescents, have of their own mental functioning--the cognitive self.
Her parents, who were both of borderline intelligence, literally "forgot" about her.
Prout (Editors), Counseling and Psychotherapy with Persons with Mental Retardation and Borderline Intelligence (pp.
But children who are on borderline intelligence, if they are lead-poisoned, it really could mean the difference between being able to go to a vocational school and land a solid job or not being able to hold down a job because they couldn't receive the proper education.
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