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a salt or ester of boric acid

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They can be used alone or with zinc borate, and have been shown to have synergistic effects.
This Global Report 2015 is a result of industry experts' diligent work on researching the world market of dimethylanilinium tetrakis (pentafluorophenyl) borate.
Borate-treated wood is susceptible to cosmetic damage when attacked by termites because the borate is not repellent nor immediately lethal to termites (Grace and Yamamoto 1994, Campora and Grace 2007).
This new research suggests that when life was getting started on Earth, borate could also have been concentrated in deposits on Mars.
As an added plus, pests cannot develop a resistance to borates because of their unique action.
Borate and Kokate had appealed against the trial court verdict in the HC.
Borate, the driver of a cab hired by a logistics company that Jyotikumari worked for, and his friend Kokate had picked her up from her Pashan residence at 10pm on November 1,2007 and were to drop her at her office at Hinjewadi IT Park on the outskirts of Pune.
Since his discovery of the ore and his subsequent efforts on behalf of the arts, it is interesting to note that Gerstley borate continues to be used by potters.
Henkel Corporation has received a patent for a flame-retardant composition comprised of a flame retardant formulation consisting essentially of at least one melamine compound, at least one metal borate, and at least one alkaline-earth metal hydroxide; at least one thermosetting resin; and an inorganic filler material present in the composition in an amount ranging from about 1 to about 60 weight percent on a basis of total weight of the composition, wherein the composition is substantially free of compounds containing a halogen, an antimony, or a phosphorus.
Under real service conditions, Dickinson and Murphy (6) found sufficient borate loading in windows after 23 years exposure to prevent decay, despite considerable paint deterioration.
125 to 50 [micro]mol/L in borate buffer, exhibited excellent linearity between peak areas and concentrations over the entire range, with [r.
Effect of moisture content of Douglas-fir heartwood on longitudinal diffusion of borate from fused borate rods.
The specific product segments analyzed are Lithium-Niobate (LiNbO3), Potassium Titanyl Phosphate (KTP), B-Barium Borate (BBO), Lithium Triborate (LBO), and Others including PPKTP (Periodically Poled Potassium Titanyl Phosphate), CLBO (Caesium lithium borate), KDP (Potassium dihydrogen phosphate), RTP (Rubidium Titanyle Phosphate).
Principal uses for zinc borate are in PVC, polyolefins, epoxy, rubber, elastomers, nylon and other engineering resins.
Besides changing the smelt bed composition by replacing a part of the alkali carbonate with trialkali borate, the boron will also influence other furnace processes.