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a strap that is looped and sewn to the top of a boot for pulling it on

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help oneself, often through improvised means

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Founded by veterans of renowned investment firms, Boston-based M33 Growth a name inspired by Mach 33, the speed at which an object reaches escape velocity and breaks out from the gravitational pull of the Earth will seek to help leaders of successful bootstrapped businesses rapidly achieve scale.
The bootstrap method enables us to mitigate this issue by obtaining the averages of the bootstrapped estimators and the asymptotic covariance matrix using numerous replications of the data (Greene 2012, 612).
The second stage uses a bootstrapped truncated regression estimated by maximum likelihood method to estimate determinants of TE as below:
As it relates to IP, you don't need to know all of the answers, but the prioritization and efficiency characteristic of successfully bootstrapped businesses are only possible if you can at least ask the right questions:
Genetic distances among species were computed by the Kimura 2-parameters method by using MEGA, and were used to construct bootstrapped neighbor-joining trees (8).
The profile patterns obtained from reduced samples without bootstrapping were poorly matched with the major profiles, whereas the profile patterns from bootstrapped samples were well matched with the major profile patterns.
Bootstrapped preamplifiers have been reported [3, 4] that can keep the voltage drop on the photodiode very low resulting in an increased shunt resistance and better short circuit for the photodiode.
The standard error of [Mathematical Expression Omitted] is then estimated by calculating the standard deviation of the bootstrapped estimates [Mathematical Expression Omitted], or alternatively, the confidence intervals can be calculated by using the percentiles of the distribution of [Mathematical Expression Omitted].
Examination of histograms from the bootstrapped PCA demonstrated that no reflection occurred on the first axis, whereas most variables exhibited reflection on axes 2 and 3 [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
Once appropriate point estimates of the required forecasts are obtained the model has been recursively bootstrapped to obtain the probability distributions of the average demand, peak demand and of forecast errors conditional on current information.
She suggested first, however, that voice mail be bootstrapped in her department.