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a strap that is looped and sewn to the top of a boot for pulling it on

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help oneself, often through improvised means

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Prepivoting test statistics: A bootstrap view of asymptotic refinements, Journal of the American Statistical Association 83(403): 687-697.
The uncertainties of measures in all three scenarios in terms of standard errors (SE) and 95 % confidence intervals (CI) are computed using the nonparametric two-sample bootstrap (7-10) based on our extensive investigation of bootstrap variability on large fingerprint datasets.
KEY WORDS: air pollution, Bayesian, bootstrap, model averaging, mortality, particulate matter.
This bootstrap distribution is then used to estimate characteristics (e.
These sources of funding outside the traditional corporate financial structure have been included in bootstrap financing methods.
Key words: Indian banks, efficiency, truncated regression, bootstrap
About the Bootstrap Evangelists: Learn more about Funovation's laser mazes, SurveyGizmo's online survey software, or Rezora's digital marketing tools.
We started up five years ago, and we still bootstrap everything.
An introduction to bootstrap methods with applications to R.
Diante dos fatos, este trabalho teve por objetivo propor procedimento empirico de bootstrap nao-parametrico para testar a significancia de correlacoes.
Bootstrap methods; a guide for practitioners and researchers, 2d ed.
One kind of stochastic model, the bootstrap, demonstrates the strengths, adaptability and utility of this approach.
In order to evaluate these two questions we propose and test an approach that uses a block bootstrap method to account for spatial dependence in the data.
Jaswa and his partners were rejected by six VCs, mortgaged their homes and "borrowed from our mothers and brothers-in-law" to get the $600,000 they needed to bootstrap Selectica.