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Synonyms for bootlicking

attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery

attempting to win favor by flattery

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Early in my sophomore year, I recognized the favoritism being shown to Magnuson's style of hustle and bootlicking, so I walked out of practice and that was that.
Where, for example, are Welsh Labour politicians on the Iraq War, on PFI, on growing inequality and US bootlicking, and on countless other Tory policies being pursued by Tony's Tories in London?
Second, the artist Tom of Finland is known for his portrayal of big, happy boys having guilt-free sex, but former devotee John Rechy observes that all the leather and bootlicking and Nazi imagery embody an undeniably darker side.
Aloha, Donald Trump, your bootlicking sidekicks Carolyn and George, and your band of sycophantic would-be "Apprentice's.
Couple those DMCA-spawned regs with rampant Big Media bootlicking from the Federal Communications Commission, and you won't see digital video headed down a consumer-friendly path.
When Mr Blair goes to America to receive his Congressional medal as a result of bootlicking, may I request he becomes disorientated and stays there.
Table One Common Ingratiation Behaviors Category Description Workplace Terms Other Enhancement flattery, complimenting, kissing up, sucking up, brown nosing Opinion Conformity consistent agreement yes men Favor Doing performing non-required apple polishing, tasks and services bootlicking Self-Presentation claiming perfect puffies subordinate status
In abandoning with unprecedented alacrity her heretofore declared dicta, she has shown herself to be a bootlicking lackey for the sake of power over principle.
Sir David Frost's bootlicking was not what the nation wanted.
It's the most pathetic example of bootlicking I have witnessed since Graeme Souness said he would rather have played for England than Scotland.