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someone who humbles himself as a sign of respect

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ItCs the appearance of the running bootlicker and his fear he will Cdie of hungerC, that adds a surprising and funny twist to the tiny fable.
Yet, with the exception of calling Dick Vitale ``a bootlicker,'' you've generally bit your tongue in public.
an informer, a bootlicker, an extortioner, and a bribetaker.
Tevez hit back by taunting both Ferguson and Neville on the pitch after his two goals clinched City's win and then branded the defender "stupid" and "a bootlicker.
I feel he was a bootlicker when he stood by Ferguson's comments that I wasn't worth that money.
Dalis, who also received criticism when he fired Harrick for lying about a falsified expense report, dismissed the criticisms, calling Vitale ``a bootlicker.
Will will then comment on the morality of the new "state of nature" Administration, quoting seventeenth-century British philosopher Thomas Hobbes, who was also a bootlicker for royalty.
Under the administration of President Aquino, the quintessential cacique and a bootlicker of the Colossus of the North, American troops have widened their arena of combat in strategic points of the archipelago.
He was my team-mate but he is a bootlicker of Ferguson," he added.
Roll the presses: The two most memorable quotes of the year - UCLA athletic director Pete Dalis calling Dick Vitale a bootlicker and USC assistant coach Dave Miller's rant about the Bruins - both were accompanied by the command: ``And you can print that.
HAVING read your article on the monarchy, I can only conclude you are a sycophantic bootlicker - and that's being polite.
In his first at-length comments in the six weeks since he revealed that he had spoken with Rick Pitino, Dalis said he had no regrets about the way he handled the Pitino talks, blamed the media for making an issue of Lavin's job security and called ESPN basketball analyst Dick Vitale ``a bootlicker.
Or is he being influenced by this unwanted alien, an overstaying bootlicker who is obviously being guided by the unholy spirit in his rants against the committeebased approach to the formation of a national team?
The same bootlickers will find a new Gideon boot to lick, that's the law of the land
Police said that the both bootlickers were involved in local liquor supply business and also running a liquor den in the locality.