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Synonyms for bootlegger

a person who engages in smuggling

Synonyms for bootlegger

someone who makes or sells illegal liquor

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ASI Shahid Zaman from Koral Police station arrested two bootleggers Khuram Shehzad and Umer Shahzad besides recovery of two wine bottles from them.
Summary: Victim had seen defendants drinking, approached them to buy liquor thinking they were bootleggers
Mandy performed songs written by and in tribute to the late, great Mel Fung, featuring a host of guests including Euros Childs at Clwb, while my HUB came to a rousing close at Bootlegger courtesy of Railroad Bill's supercharged skiffle party.
According to details, Sub-Inspector Shafqat Mehmood from Margalla Police station along with police team apprehended four bootleggers Qasir Khan, Sajid Khan, Mohammad Waseem and Sajid from sector F-8/3 and
At least 30 people a day buy the cocktail from the bootlegger with the number increasing during weekends.
But even then the relatives of the girl lodged a case against the bootlegger and alleged that the girl was forced to fall for Mahida.
I am also less convinced by Smith and Yandle's discussion of TARP, which they describe as being pushed by "a bootlegger without a Baptist.
The metaphor is drawn from an earlier era where the bootleggers backed legislation regulating the legal sale of alcohol to promote their own economic self-interest.
From fits to fabrics, the latest Bootlegger jeans are clean and classic, and the premium soft fabrics feel amazing.
Dubai Court of First Instance was also told the officer arrested six rival illegal booze traders after a request from the bootlegger.
Advaniji was staying in a hotel, which belongs to one of the biggest bootlegger who was in pasa in Gujarat.
In this project honoring West (1942-2008), creator of Bootlegger Press (the first women-owned American library publisher), librarian at the San Francisco Zen Center Library, and author of Revolting Librarians Redux and Lesbian Polyfidelity, Samek (library and information studies, U.
QUNFUDA: The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in cooperation with local police arrested yesterday a Saudi bootlegger who was operating a liquor factory in the Al-Ardeya area of Qunfuda, around 400 km south of Jeddah along the Red Sea coast.
A BOOTLEGGER who admitted his guilt after rock legend Jimmy Page gave evidence against him was jailed for 20 months yesterday.
Motorists pull up, hand a wad of dinars out the window, and wait as the bootlegger fills the tank using a funnel and a hose.