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an outdoor sale at which people sell things from the trunk of their car

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If it's not worth a lot and you just want rid of it for quick cash, a boot sale is probably best.
By the time car boot sale chiefs at Canterbury, Kent, got wind of the special offers the woman, in her 40s, was packing up.
Dynamix Skate Park, based in Gateshead, has organised the car boot sale this weekend to raise money for the Dynamix Ramp Building Fund, and supporting the charity in providing subsidy and reducing barriers to participation in Extreme Sports, Street-based and Performing Arts.
The auction house - which will offer the watch at its South Kensington saleroom in a Pop Culture sale on June 26 - had little further detail about the car boot sale.
TEESSIDE hospitals are resorting to staging car boot sales to raise the vital funds needed to protect frontline services.
Les said: "At my 'car' car boot sale the only thing you bring is the car.
POLICE and trading standards officers are to continue to keep a close eye on car boot sales in a bid to keep counterfeiters at bay following the success of a new partnership.
In total, thousands of pounds of suspected counterfeit clothing was seized from the Grange Moor car boot sale.
The Welsh are the biggest boot sale supporters, with 79 per cent planning at least one visit.
Cilla confounded expectations she would turn up with a "tacky" toaster for the happy couple, but joked: "I'm waiting for a car boot sale.
Under the Bill anyone wanting to hold a car boot sale would be required to inform their local authority three weeks in advance to give the council time to send trading standards officers along.
But one man's junk is another man's treasure and it is possible to bag a bargain and then sell it for a profit, says car boot sale expert Lorne Spicer, presenter of Cash In The Attic and Car Booty and author of a new book, Find A Fortune.
As thousands of car boot sale addicts trawled through a mix of second-hand treasures and trash this weekend, they may not have realised they were taking part in the last classless experience in Britain.
Pack up the car with all those knick-knacks you've needlessly collected over the years, drive to the nearest car boot sale and Bob's your auntie, you could be raking it in, all out of the boot of your car.
uk | ON Saturday, June 1, George Thomas Hospice Care holds its annual fun day and car boot sale at Whitchurch Hospital grounds to raise funds to support the charity's work as the major provider of specialist palliative care to those suffering from cancer and other life threatening illnesses in Cardiff.