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an amplifier for restoring the strength of a transmitted signal

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Construction of a 150 m 3 / h booster station with an hmt of 80 mce at the site of the treize-vents reservoir (luzon commune).
COMPEX 55 gas booster station has already been put into pilot operation at Van-Eganskoye oil and gas field, confirming its efficiency and reliability when working with APG in the conditions of this oil field, so the customer decides to continue using COMPEX equipment at its facilities.
Conventional material supply systems for seam and underbody sealing and sound-absorption applications in the auto industry are configured according to the capabilities of the equipment--and require large numbers of pumps, pressure regulators and booster stations.
The Munda Khera booster station is connected with Gurugram canal and NCR channel to the city's two treatment plants, Basai and Chandu Budhera, respectively.
The gas booster station will carry out gas pumping functions, which will facilitate its supply and transportation and increase the production at a low pressure in the field.
6m water storage tank, well treatment and booster station along the Jackson Highway in Rosemont, California.
The deal covers the construction of the new booster station 171 (BS-171).
Project Name: KOC - Booster Station 132 (BS-132) Name of Client: KOC - Kuwait Oil Company Budget ($ US): Unknown Main Contractor: Not yet appointed Facility Type: Oil Field Development Status: EPC ITB PMC: Not yet appointed Location: Northern Kuwait
The plan calls for two pump stations, one booster station, eight holding tanks and about 55 miles of purple distribution pipeline - the distinct color is a state mandate to distinguish the pipes from drinking water lines, Cotton said.
Councillors Michael and Mary Womphrey of Northfield ward, Billingham, say the booster station near the Kings Arms pub has become a "blot on the landscape" and the cause of many complaints.
VILLAGERS whose water pressure became so low some couldn't take showers have been told the problem should be solved with a new water booster station.
But a $2-million booster station and a $9-million, 6.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Construction, Erection And Commissioning Of Civil, Structural, Mechanical And Electrical Works For City Gate Station, Mother Cng Stations, Daughter Booster Station, And Online Station In The Geographical Areas (GaS) Of Yamunanagar (Haryana).
The company is planning to modernise one booster station and construct a new one at the Central Asia EeAu Centre gas transportation system, at a cost of $215 million.