booster shot

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an additional dose that makes sure the first dose was effective

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This lends credence to the theory that, although it is better to get a ZV shot earlier in life, those who are approaching age 70 years can--and, in many cases, should--get a booster shot to strengthen and maintain that immunity.
36 million Grade 1 and Grade 7 students in all public schools nationwide should have already been given the tetanus-diphtheria and measles-rubella booster shots.
While all of the study participants, including controls, had received their full pertussis vaccination schedules as children, it wasn't until 2011 that Argentina added the Tdap booster at 11 years of age to the national immunization schedule; therefore, except for the mothers who had received the maternal booster shot, no one in the study had been immunized against pertussis since the age of 6 years, Dr.
The European Commission has fallen behind in developing its 'E-health action plan 2012-2020' and the European Parliament wants to give it a booster shot.
And health boards wrote to parents of unvaccinated or only partially protected children to offer the MMR vaccine or a booster shot.
Until a better vaccine is available, the CDC urges adolescents and adults to get a onetime booster shot, but data shows that only about 8% of American adults do so.
Luna is giving my love for the outdoors a booster shot.
Many youngsters in the city have not had the diphtheria, tetanus and polio booster shot needed to fully protect them from the illnesses.
For the rabies virus, an initial vaccination should to be administered when a kitten is about 12 weeks of age, with a booster shot one year later and additional booster shots every three years thereafter, or as required by state or local ordinances.
5% were overdue for a tetanus booster shot, which the Tdap vaccine would now replace.
Vaccinations decrease the chance of outbreaks for all ages, so parents of children age 6 and younger are encouraged to consult a health care provider, and people ages 11 to 64 are encouraged to receive a one-time booster shot.
The group therefore added a booster shot to the vaccination regimen.
The booster shot, given two weeks later, uses a modified horse virus to deliver the PSCA gene.
In this month's Communication Booster Shot we'll explore how your feet can get you one step closer to relational success.