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work of little or no value done merely to look busy

do useless, wasteful, or trivial work

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The boondoggle feasts on waste, corruption and greed.
Can any American worthy of the name suggest that public-works boondoggles in a foreign country are worth a red cent or a drop of American blood?
The Los Angeles Unified School District - the state's biggest and home to boondoggles such as Belmont Learning Center - unloaded $916,898 for lobbying during that session.
In general, the feds have a poor track record in the domain of pure scientific research, wasting extravagant sums on boondoggles like the Superconducting Supercollider and the Hubble Space telescope (which, it will be recalled, suffered from a flawed lens and required an expensive manned space mission, years after the original launch, to repair it).
In the next election, the voters flop toward the Democrats, based on lofty promises such as "re-engineering" government to protect personal freedom, but get cheated by classic tax-and-spend Democratic politics, which produce pork-barrel crime bills and colossal boondoggles such as Hillary Clinton's health-care plan - a plan that threatens your right to choose your own doctor and keep your medical records private.
But Clinton's $263 billion Defense Department budget is a mere $10 billion lower than that projected by the Bush Administration, and retains just about all of the silly or sinister weapons boondoggles from the Reagan/Bush era.
Magna Entertainment reported losses of $95 million in 2004, in part because of boondoggles such as the renovation of Gulfstream Park.
Instead of continuing failed tax-subsidy boondoggles of the previous administration, we encourage Congress and the administration to embrace National Enterprise Zones of Choice, based on sound fundamental tax policy to demonstrate the power of tax reform and to illustrate policies that will help end economic dependency.
It's pocked with lists and charts: Carville's Top Five Ridiculous and Pathetic Republicans, Most Expensive Boondoggles, Biggest Hypocrites, Tips on Potato Salad, and an odd assortment of stuff Carville just wants to emphasize.
The problem is not, as some Congressional conservatives and right-wing think-tanks have suggested, that the financial cost of coming to Somalia's rescue is too heavy a burden for the United States to assume; on the contrary, it's a pittance compared to the vast sums that have been squandered--and are still being squandered--on military and space boondoggles.
The IRS, we also learn, is one of Washington's great boondoggles.
The board needs to have a fighting chance to get independent information to avoid fiascoes like the Belmont Learning Center, the Beaudry complex purchase and other boondoggles.
A: I'll put it in mathematical terms: As the program expands arithmetically, the number of boondoggles will increase geometrically.
At the same time, state education departments which are doling out drug education money need to make certain the money's reaching the classroom and not financing, as it did in California, bus rides, ball games, and other boondoggles.
That's why we're saddled with multi-billion-dollar government boondoggles like the toxic waste "Superfund.