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a remote and undeveloped area

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Boondocks Patio and Grill, located in Downtown Scottsdale is the home of many live music acts and athletes and this Super Bowl week will be no exception.
BLACK JESUS - Black Jesus is a half hour live-action scripted comedy series from Aaron McGruder (The Boondocks, Red Tails).
But most impact wrenches don't have enough juice to do the job, especially in the boondocks.
Little Big Town, whose breakthrough single, "Boondocks", is about, well, growing up in the boondocks and being damn proud of it.
We got good starts and went left, but the breeze freshened from the right and we were stuck in the boondocks.
Studying a historically significant autobiography, Black Boy, in conjunction with two contemporary fictional works, The White Boy Shuftleand The Boondocks, constitutes a departure from the larger body of scholarship on African American writing.
All the Rage: The Boondocks Past and Present is more than just the latest collection of the politically charged, African-American culture-centric newspaper comic strip--it also gathers a massive assortment of interviews with comic creator, writer and cartoonist Aaron McGruder, and even prints some of the most controversial strips for the first time.
Out in the boondocks, the post offices are often a lifeline, sometimes the only facility for miles.
No wonder, then, that demographers are calling the 'oos "the decade of the exurb," with the fastest population growth happening way out in the boondocks, where a person might still drive and talk on his cell phone--assuming he can get a signal.
The Boondocks debuted in national syndication in April 1999 with its irreverent satire mining such hot-button subjects as the Iraq war, bird flu, interracial love, gay themes in film, the Bush White House, hip-hop and the very nature of American politics.
Having said that, the book makes one itch to get out in the boondocks and rediscover the old boom-and-bust towns, diamond frauds, and Native American battle sites.
Here's tip #1: The Boondocks, the daily comic strip by the young African-American writer/artist Aaron McGruder.
Its intellectual component centred on York University and the University of Toronto, and intellectual credibility diminished as one traveled outward towards the boondocks.
Chasing Dreams in the Boondocks is the memoir of one man's quest to bring his childhood dream to life--the dream of building a golf course by hand the old fashioned way.