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improving, growing, or succeeding steadily

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The sound reflected the model name with great sound on sax, but had a boomy mid-bass and no deep bass.
On movies the sound was pretty good, but on music the bass was very boomy (despite the 10,000 square foot room which should have been fine for this set-up).
They arrive with the usual advice to place the speakers far enough from walls to avoid boomy bass, but inside each packing case is a pair of dense foam cylindrical bungs that can be used to change the bass loading of the systems from vented to sealed.
It works well enough, but is a bit boomy so I'd go for the nicer 1.
The other room had just the two Odysseys, but it also wasn't set up well because bass standing waves were very boomy.
Centre mascot Boomy the Bear will also be on hand to entertain younger shoppers.
Not all the blame can be laid on the performers, with the boomy hollow staging favouring trumpets and, especially, kettle-drums to a degree which forced more delicate instruments to compromise their intonation in the struggle to compete.
It is not only boomy when extended, but it lacks smoothness, refinement and flexibility, and matched to the four-speed automatic box, it displays a distaste for fuel economy and environmentally sensible emissions.
This boomy confessional, with its musical curves and scintillating adornments, shows ample talent blooming in deftly detailed but decisive fashion.
So while my general impressions of the speaker noted earlier are supported by the measurements, the overall in-room horizontal radiation pattern also supports my comments that this speaker is essentially neutral, neither boomy nor brassy.
There will also be exotic fruit tasting sessions throughout the day and the chance to meet centre mascot Boomy the Bear.
It was let down by engine noise which sounded boomy in the cabin, particularly when the Navara was put under duress on the motorway.
Lulu was worried about how her voice would sound because the venue is notoriously boomy and echoey and it's hard to hear yourself.