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Synonyms for booming

Synonyms for booming

improving, growing, or succeeding steadily

Synonyms for booming

very lively and profitable

used of the voice


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LONDON -- For the arenas of college publishing and higher education, the new-age digital textbooks and multimedia learning resources play ever changing roles and gain boomingly expanding popularity.
BNP Paribas Securities Services has declared it has boomingly supported the setup Dragon Capital's UCITS-compliant, actively managed Vietnam equity fund.
He burst back on to the scene this week with a boomingly consistent serve mixed with some delightful drop shots.
LONDON -- Nowadays the boomingly growing demand for fluorspar coming from the emerging economies is the major driver of the output increase.
Simba, heir to the Pridelands throne, flees into exile persuaded by his scheming uncle Scar (voiced with unctuous brilliance by Jeremy Irons) that he was responsible for the death of his father Mufasa (the boomingly regal James Earl Jones).