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Synonyms for booming

Synonyms for booming

improving, growing, or succeeding steadily

Synonyms for booming

very lively and profitable

used of the voice


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According to the agreement, the Slotegrator slots catalogue will now offer new high-revenue-generating game titles produced by Booming Games.
Shoreline booming strategies are implemented to protect sensitive habitats and minimize the consequences of an oil spill reaching shore.
Lastly, this advantage of transitioning from a fast-growing sector after its boom appears to be more related to the transferability of skills to other sectors rather than mere identification with the booming sector.
Southern Kern voters approved a $12 million bond measure in November 2002 to help pay for the building of Westpark Elementary School, pay off debt incurred to build and improve schools to meet demands of a booming enrollment in the early 1990s, expand Rosamond High's cafeteria, and install Internet lines and upgrade computers at schools.
The face of Ontario's booming mining sector was all smiles as he experienced an upbeat mood and optimistic crowd of over 10,000 attendees at the mining convergence.
In booming dunes, the sound waves move downward and hit a layer of wet sand about 2 meters (6 feet) beneath the surface.
Although the business of building is booming at the moment, construction leaders say that it's mainly a recovery from a crisis of the last few years.