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Synonyms for boomerang

Synonyms for boomerang

to produce an unexpected and undesired result


Synonyms for boomerang

a miscalculation that recoils on its maker

return to the initial position from where it came

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Strang's range of special sports boomerangs are massive hits all around the world and this year he is planning a launch Down Under.
Boomerangs videos are just three seconds long and does not support sound.
The brand also won a bronze Boomerang in the Effectivity Category for Effectivity in Lead Generation and a silver boomerang in the Campaigns Category for Technology & Telecommunication.
The Paper Boomerang Book: Build Them, Throw Them, and Get Them to Return Every Time.
A 2007 survey by Bernard Hodes Group, "Playing for Keeps: Recruiting for Retention," found 21% of the 751 respondents had been boomerangs at some point.
There are several theories about why boomerangs return to the thrower, but what is definitely known is that their operation has something to do with both the spinning of the boomerang in the air and the shape of its "wings.
On day one, students are given this history through a PowerPoint slide show, as well as an information sheet with many different shapes of boomerangs.
which is based in North Little Rock and owns Boomerang and Splash brands of car washes.
And he claims that the 10,000-year-old boomerangs found at Wyrie Swamp in South Australia in 1973 were throwing sticks which did not return.
Screeners, who noticed about 50 boomerangs in the woman's carry-on luggage, informed the woman that her items would have to be checked.
Made by Colorado Boomerangs (a dba for Windsport, LLC), Aurora, (303) 671-6878 or (800) 357-2647, www.
One might argue that pictures of fortune cookies and boomerangs abound in promotional literature, but that's because we are still educating our own communicators about these things.
MAD-CAP Scots businessman Richard Ogilvy has a cheeky plan to sell boomerangs to the Aussies.
Go to the library and find out more about boomerangs.
Social scientist Roger Selbert noted that while the statistics include men and women who've never left the nest, boomerangs account for much of the increase.