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a town enjoying sudden prosperity

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For the answers, read Boom Towns by Loyola University Maryland economics professor Stephen Walters.
The boundary between boom towns and bust towns depends significantly on how towns treat property rights and, thereby, the returns owners are able to obtain from their capital investments in a city.
Detailed black and white illustrations embellish the narrative and all the splash and color of a Colorado boom town development unfold with style and grace.
Blanes, a former fishing village turned tourist boom town, offers a range of accommodation and dining options.
20 Doncaster In the north-west province of South Africa, with a population of around 40,000, Mooinooi is built on platinum mining and was a boom town as global metal prices soared.
lt;p>The Dubai government last week launched a $20 billion dollar bond program and sold the first $10 billion tranche to the UAE central bank, a move that calmed worries the former Gulf boom town could default on some $15 billion-$20 billion in debts due for refinancing this year.
One article in the South Wales Echo last week quoted the local MP as saying that Barry could become South Wales' 21st century version of the Californian Gold Rush, and a recession-busting boom town.
However, a spokesman for Peter Allen estate agents in property boom town Porthcawl said, while prices had risen, there were now signs of costs levelling off.
It's an old-fashioned boom town, in every sense of the word.
Thousands of men flocked to the mid-western boom town in the 1900s because the wages in the copper, gold and silver mines were the highest in the New World.
Backed by new band the Rent Okillers, Geldof performed a two-hour set of solo material and choice cuts from last year's Best Of The Boom town Rats compilation.
They began searching for base metals in a known camp near the one-time boom town of Silver Centre, when they stumbled across a heterolithic lamprophyre with diamond fragments during the 2000 exploration season.
Perhaps the best proof of this mass preference is the boom town of Las Vegas, the object of endless, overwritten rants by Kunstler--not to mention more cogent criticism of practically every other urban critic in America today.
It includes the boom town Fort McMurray, the hub of the tar sands oil exploration.
DANCE ISN'T usually the first thing people associate with McCarthy, a former mining boom town located on the edge of Alaska's Wrangell Mountains.