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Since its boom box launch in 1997, Jeep consumer electronics has grown to include a variety of multifunctional consumer electronics manufactured by Power brands.
iBT44 Bluetooth Portable FM Stereo With USB Charging: The next iteration in the retro boom box line, the iBT44 now features wireless connectivity to stream audio from your iOS, Android, or other Bluetooth enabled devices.
With the launch of The Boot and The Boom Box, we're taking the next step in providing users with an all encompassing music offering and experience.
SAN DIEGO - Opera music spills from a small boom box slung over his shoulder as Slo Mo skates along the boardwalk.
Mother Courage's sons, Eilif and Swiss Cheese, are skinny lads wearing leotards with genitals sewn on, while the mute daughter, Kattrin, is morphed into Joan of Arc with a boom box.
In the Angels players' lounge across the hall from the locker room at Tempe Diablo Stadium, on a high shelf next to cartons of cocoa mix and sugar substitute, a boom box pumped out a tune as the athletes sipped their coffee and reporters circled Monday morning.
Paintings like Kristin with Kristin's Eyes in Her Head, 2001, a sketchy, drippy acrylic portrait of a young woman sitting at a desk staring blankly out at the viewer, and Jill, Tasty, On the Floor, 2001, a girl in red-and-black plaid pants and punky Doc Martens sitting on a floor strewn with CDs, video-game controls, and a boom box, call to mind days devoted to youthful boredom and disaffection--hanging out listening to music, playing games, and doodling.
where we'd skate with no pads while DRI or MDC blared from a nearby boom box and Keith Butterfield, a local fresstyle pro sponsored by Vision, would practice his routines on the old shuffleboard deck near the shallow end.
This is a boom box featuring a single-disc CD player, AM/FM stereo and has big brightly colored buttons making it easier to operate.
Designed to house the popular fourth- and fifth-generation iPod models as well as the iPod nanos and minis, the EGO Waterproof Sound Case is a portable boom box, featuring waterproof speakers, sealed base venting ports and sound powered by dual, full-range neodymium drivers.
Full of clipped beats and vocodered shouts, Mantronik imagines Reich's music blasting from a break dancer's boom box circa 1982.
Lifepod/LIFEPOP, LLC (Brooklyn, NY) revives the 80's boom box ideal by creating hip, fashionable accessories built for today's fashion and music-obsessed lifestyle.
In a way the AC/CDC powered VS-210 is the opposite of a boom box.
LoBue continues: "I would like to see this technology [ETL] get picked up by those large manufacturers of "home theater in the box" and portable boom box type systems.