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The MiniMe boom box comes in 6 different wood types and colors: mahogany, maple, oak, walnut, wenge, and rosewood.
Since its boom box launch in 1997, Jeep consumer electronics has grown to include a variety of multifunctional consumer electronics manufactured by Power brands.
Long after the boom box had gone, and sun had burned away the magic, and refuse men clattered past, a lone couple was still dancing the tango in Paris.
With the launch of The Boot and The Boom Box, we're taking the next step in providing users with an all encompassing music offering and experience.
But if you rip a CD to MP3 files, you have each separate track as a digital file that you can play on your PC, or on an MP3 player the size of a keychain or a boom box.
Snoop Dogg[TM] Pet Products toy line-up includes a DJ Headset, Boom Box, Dogg Bone[TM] and Football, all of which are double stitched and made from durable plush and ballistic fabrics for safe and fun play for dogs.
It was that weight that first inspired ex-con Thomas Johnson to put on a clown wig and makeup, tote his boom box to a friend's birthday party, develop a new style of dancing and embark on a new career as a neighborhood icon.
She said: "I'm no longer the rainbow-haired girl screaming through your boom box.
A typical trio eletrico resembles a boom box blown up a hundred times, with a band perched on top.
XM listeners who already own the SKYFi receiver can purchase the boom box portion alone for $99.
SAN DIEGO - Opera music spills from a small boom box slung over his shoulder as Slo Mo skates along the boardwalk.
Celebrity presenters and performers at the annual awards gala event will receive a Delphi XM SKYFi receiver, the SKYFi boom box and a one-year subscription to XM Satellite Radio's 101 channels of revolutionary music, news, sports and entertainment programming.
Mother Courage's sons, Eilif and Swiss Cheese, are skinny lads wearing leotards with genitals sewn on, while the mute daughter, Kattrin, is morphed into Joan of Arc with a boom box.
This is a boom box featuring a single-disc CD player, AM/FM stereo and has big brightly colored buttons making it easier to operate.
Designed to house the popular fourth- and fifth-generation iPod models as well as the iPod nanos and minis, the EGO Waterproof Sound Case is a portable boom box, featuring waterproof speakers, sealed base venting ports and sound powered by dual, full-range neodymium drivers.