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an operation that follows the rules of Boolean algebra

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1999) and not on the Boolean operations (reunion, intersection, difference).
Then through Boolean operation the modified shape of the mould would influence on the shape of whirl pump.
From the revolved ellipsoid, the sweep is subtracted through Boolean operations.
Topological operators and Boolean operations for complex-based non-manifold geometric models," Computer Aided Design, Vol.
For example, PowerShape Pro enables Boolean operations to be undertaken between surfaces and solids, and also allows surface modeling commands to be used directly on a single surface of any solid, without disrupting the solid's integrity.
Solid operations, such as Boolean operations, can be applied to both solids and surfaces and to assembly and part modes.
Using formulas, dynamic categories can be easily built by combining other categories with Boolean operations like AND, OR, and NOT.
Users can now construct solid primitives such as blocks, cones, and spheres; perform Boolean operations such as subtract, intersect, and union; extrude, sweep, or revolve geometry into a solid; and apply constant and variable fillets, chamfers, and blends to solid models.
Boolean operations: New solid objects can be created by performing Boolean operations to combine, subtract or intersect sets of objects.
Parasolid, serving as the core modeling component, is utilized for blending, shelling, nonuniform scaling such as that required for computing shrinkage in mold design, and for Boolean operations such as unite, subtract, and intersection.
Point Cloud operations include property queuing; Boolean operations such as unite, subtract and intersect; copying and subsetting; undo-redo; and adding and removing points.
These include Boolean operations on polylines, CAD sheet to Excel sheet conversion, incremental text copy, on-line text, and extra commands for working with layers.
With the addition of Boolean operations, advanced texturing and bump mapping, PaperVision3D v2.
The revision features newly ratified functions from classes that include discrete transforms, special functions, Boolean operations, comparison operations and trigonometry.
Users can quickly retrieve stored communications with dynamic searching functionalities that allow them to fine-tune search queries based on case sensitivity/insensitivity, external/internal/all communication filters, and Boolean operations on the sender/receiver fields.