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an operation that follows the rules of Boolean algebra

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By [2, Theorem 1], all states in S are distinguishable with respect to H ' o V ', for each boolean operation [?
All the materials that were considered in this study, were in the raster layer because Boolean operation worked on raster only, in the form of raster value of 1 and 0, where 1 was for suitable area and zero for unsuitable (Mahini and Gholamalifard, 2006).
1999) and not on the Boolean operations (reunion, intersection, difference).
Then through Boolean operation the modified shape of the mould would influence on the shape of whirl pump.
Brian Rohde, Senior Manager Product Manager responsible for the 3D ACIS Modeler cited one example: We added new workflows for Boolean operations, one of the most important and common geometric modeling capabilities needed by industry.
Not surprisingly, the final results of these calculations are much less evident to students than the results of Boolean operations with document sets.
The new release features: Boolean Operations with non-destructive union, intersection and subtraction options; up to 5 times faster rendering and multi-processor support with raster export; PaperVision3D v2.
Not all CAD applications can apply Boolean operations like union or intersection between two surface bodies.
Typically, solids represented in a modeler can be transformed by rigid motions which are straightforward and well known in computer graphics, Newman [13], Dam [14], and can be combined by Boolean operations, which are complex but important.
Specialty solid modeling functions, such as cutting solids with open or closed 2D profiles, direct extrusion of text objects into solids, and retraction of boolean operations are also available.
Other new features include nested groups, ability to name objects, and new line and multi-line styles; while improvements have been made to rendering, layer handling, Boolean operations, and hatch fills.
Conversations with students suggest that few know their preferred search engine's syntax for string matching or Boolean operations to control their searches, even though online help does put those capabilities at their fingertips.
For example, PowerShape Pro enables Boolean operations to be undertaken between surfaces and solids, and also allows surface modeling commands to be used directly on a single surface of any solid, without disrupting the solid's integrity.
0 is a parametric, solid-modeling CAD program that includes Boolean operations for the design of molds and dies, access to standard Windows file systems for data storage, and the capability to create lighter-style drawings for faster drawing load and view times.
Solid operations, such as Boolean operations, can be applied to both solids and surfaces and to assembly and part modes.